Hydra Community Principles: A Preview

Posted on 25. Mar, 2011 by in Collaboration, Hydra, Hydra Principles

At the most recent meeting of the Hydra Steering Group, we sketched out the first formal presentation of the Hydra Community principles. These represent the core shared values that have been at play all along in the Hydra project. Up until this year, it was sufficient for the small group of Hydra collaborators to maintain these informally, but as our community grows it has become increasingly important for us to formalize these ideas and communicate them publicly.

As a community, we are constantly refining our understanding of the work that we do. Our community principles, just like our collaborative process and development techniques, are a work in progress — you might say that they’re in permanent Beta — with many people drawing on their experiences to achieve the best possible result. ¬†As it stands right now, we have settled on four principles:

Soon we will be launching projecthydra.org with the final version of these principles. In the meantime, I’m going to publish a series of weekly posts presenting each principle as I currently understand it.

Next week: One Body, Many Heads.

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