Crizal Lenses Problems

The principal benefit of Crizal anti-reflective lenses is to block out harmful blue light and to reduce glare. The special coating on the lenses absorbs light beams that are harmful and blocks UV light. Optometrists recommend them for those with astigmatism and people with poor night vision. These lenses may also benefit individuals who work in areas that are bright or invest hours every day in front of a computer screen. This is a particular advantage for patients that would love to keep their sleep/wake cycle untouched. It’s something I inform about patients and is a great way to convey the value of this lens. This really is a good pick for those who do not need a “socially awkward” yellow lens. This lens does have a purple color and it indicates that the lens is blocking harmful blue-violet light!

Crizal Eye Protect System
Crizal leads the marketplace in protecting your eyes from light that may damage your eyesight – equally invisible UV rays and visible blue-violet light. All Crizal eyeglass lenses block at least 20 percent of blue light and supply a minimum E-SPF 25. The short-term advantages of Crizal’s Eye Protect System™ comprise improving well being, mood, and cognitive performance and reducing eyestrain that is digital.

– Crizal Scratch Resistant
SR Booster technology shields Crizal eyeglass lenses from scratches and daily wear and tear, providing long-term durability by optimizing interaction between the layers of the lens. This strengthens the lens and provides superior scratch resistance.

– Crizal Glare Reduction
The extremely thin layers of Crizal lenses help stop bright light from interfering with the support of the eyeglass lens, preventing eye strain and possible headaches. Reduction leads to protection against reflections , reduced glare when driving at night , and clarity of vision.

– Crizal Anti Smudge
Crizal’s patented HSD Procedure (High Surface Density Process) helps maintain clear vision during the day with an eyeglass lens that protects against smudges and can be effortless and simple to clean.

– Crizal Dust Repellent
Exclusive technology i-Technolgy generates an anti-static layer that repels dust and dirt away from the eyeglass lens.

– Crizal Water Repellence
Hyrodphobic molecules around the Crizal lens reduces water drops out of adhering to the lens whilst Slide-FX technology causes water to form into little drops and roll right off the lens.

– Crizal UV Protective Lenses
Crizal eyeglass lenses are somewhat exceptional in that its trademarked Broad Spectrum Technology blocks UV rays reflected into the eye. Transparency isn’t compromised! Crizal lenses offer the UV protection available on the market.

– Crizal Fog Repellent
Once a week to reactivate the Crizal lens coating fog properties, utilize the Optifog Activator Cloth.

– Crizal Prevencia Lenses
These Crizal eyeglass lenses have been intended to block the light out from devices and let in the light necessary for regulation and well being of cycles. And others.

Essilor bonds its coating into the lenses, instead of applying it in a spray. This makes the coat potent and more durable. Because of this, Crizal Avance brand lenses are suggested by optometrists; they are lauded for being lasting, clear and compared to Crizal lenses. For example, Crizal Alize lenses are somewhat more likely to crack or peel compared to the Avance version.

Essilor produces its Crizal lenses to be scratch-resistant; however, the lenses may be damaged if they are not correctly preserved. The company recommends that users clean their lenses using microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. Essilor suggests that Crizal lens owners do not use alcohol to clean the item, to protect the coat. The manufacturer advises users to contact an lens or optometrist merchant to address any issues with Crizal lenses, and to purchase new lenses every couple of decades.

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