Krups XP2070 Problems

Krups XP2070 is one of the most popular models from Krups, designed for people who love espresso but sometimes just want a simple cup of warm coffee. This coffee machine has combined the functions of both the espresso brewer and the coffee maker into one neat package. However, despite the very nice design and features, this model also has a number of issues and problems. In the following article, we will discuss about Krups XP2070 problems along with the preventions and solutions.

1. One of the potential problems of Krups XP2070 is that it does not hold pressure so that it cannot create any espresso or froth. The failure to hold pressure is very problematic, as it is caused by a damaged or faulty pump. If this happened on the very first usage after your purchase, you are probably having a faulty product and you should claim the warranty for a replacement. If you have used the machine for some time but now it does not hold pressure, you can check the warranty to see whether you are still covered or not. Most probably, the pressure pump has been damaged.

2. The Krups XP2070 machine has stopped sending water to the filter, and is now sending the water directly to the catch basin. You have tried to reboot, but the problem still persists. The first thing that you can try is descaling. You need to remove the water pitcher, operate the machine to clear the inside, and then after the cleaning you should refill the water pitcher and reattach it. Consider descaling twice.

However, if the problem remains, you are probably having stuck bypass valves. The bypass valves are the main source of reliability problems of Krups XP2070. Once they wear out, they may get stuck. As the effect, the water will be directed to the catch basin and not to the filter and espresso brewer. Unfortunately, the bypass valves are no longer produced, so finding a replacement set can be difficult. But you can fix it by another way. Open apart the machine so that you can access the bypass valves. Put the spring in the valve exit, the plug follows with the pointy side first to sit in the spring. Take a small plastic section with a hole, apply a strong plastic glue to the outer walls but not on the small holes. Afterward, push the piece into the valve and let the glue dry down for one or two hours before reassembling.

3. If your Krups XP2070 problems involve the lights blinking without ever producing any liquid, you are most probably dealing with a faulty flow meter. All you have to do is replace the flow meter, and the machine will continue working. The microcontroller expects water flow information from the sensor in order to produce the right amount of liquid. Unfortunately, if the flow meter is faulty or damaged, it won’t receive the information hence failing to operate.

4. If the machine does not turn up at all although it has been plugged into a power source, probably the plug or the thermal fuse on the boiler is damaged. Be careful with the high voltage. You can replace the parts to fix it.

5. If your machine operates with lots of noise without producing any liquid, the pump is probably faulty. There is a blockage which prevents the pump from receiving the water. The pump does make extra noise when running dry. You should return the machine for a replacement if possible.

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