What Is a Monchichi

A Monchhichi is a “sweet little monkey” with a funny name that originates from combining the word Mon “mine” in French and “Chhichi” which is the Japanese onomatopoeic sound for the sound a pacifier makes when a kid draws on it. These little “Love Monkeys” were produced to influence love and respect between old and young in Japan.

More Monchhichi dolls were offered in Germany than in Japan! The merchandise line took off as well, Tee shirts, games, school bags, bedding and furnishings were snapped up by collectors and Monchhichi lovers all over. In 1974, the very first Monchhichi twins were born. Each used a bib that stated Monchhichi. In the United States, the Little Monkeys were a little slow to remove. Mattel picked up the line in 1980, and Hanna- Barbera even produced a tie-in animation to help promote them, but by 1985, Mattel stopped production because of absence of sales. They did, nevertheless, reintroduce the toy in 2004 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

The most obvious characteristic to the early Monchhichis is the eyes … from 1974 up until 1985, they all have blue eyes. After this, the eyes were painted brown. The earliest Sekiguchi Monchhichis were around 8 inches high, made with a matt dark brown fur, and had a tail about 3-4 inches long. Their plastic parts are soft, not hard. And they have 5 freckles under each eye … with 3 more throughout the bridge of the nose.

The first Monchhichis did not have pacifiers, they drew their thumb. After 1980, a permanent pacifier was added. Another apparent way to identify modern-day Monchhichis … take a look at the foot. The modern ones have the signature embossed in it.

Sekiguchi Monchichi and Monchhichi dolls likewise called Futagonomonchhichi, Bebechichi or Chicaboo – they are names of these Japanese collectible monkey plush toys. This is my Monchichi collector’s guide, the toys we all keep in mind and adorable monkeys which the majority of us still love and collect even when we remain in the age we need to normally claim we construct the collection for our child.

And original Monchhichi toy occurred in Japan and have actually been made by Sekiguchi Corporation. Their dad was Koichi Sekiguchi, the owner of Sekiguchi business, who produced them on 25th January 1974. Because this minute, the huge trend over these charming irreplaceable friends had begun, slowly however undoubtedly all over the world. They ended up being so popular, that even effective TV series were launched based upon these characters.

The name can also refer to dolls with a monkeylike look that initially inspired these series. The first Monchichi cartoons were run in Japan in 1980, and effective licensing and production of the dolls resulted in a one year run of the series from 1983-1984 in America, produced by Hanna-Barbera. These adorable little monkeys Sekiguchi likewise produces style dolls, collector dolls, plush animals and numerous other toys. With this material it was possible to produce numerous shapes, such as: heads, bodies, arms and legs, so that they might start to produce dolls. One of the Sekiguchi product lines are the GéGé dolls.
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