MiO Flavors

When Kraft released the MiO brand in 2011, the idea was simple: the flavored liquid drops, called “water enhancers” and offered in pocket-sized bundles containing less than 2 ounces, were going to shake the powdered soft drink classification from its sleep in the U.S.

With simply a few drops, MiO offers you the power to turn your water into whatever you want it to be. You desire your water fruity? With MiO in your pocket, you have actually got a huge rise of tasty taste any time you desire it, with none of the calories or sugar. Start with something easy, like a glass of water. Grab your favorite liquid water enhancer.

MiO Flavors
– Strawberry Watermelon
– Fruit Punch
– Lemonade
– Berry Grape
– Berry Pomegranate
– Cranberry Raspberry
– Sweet Tea
– Blueberry Lemonade
– Mango Peach
– Cherry Blackberry

Each of MiO’s flavours are:
– No calories per 250 mL serving, prepared
– Sugar-free
– Kosher
– Yummy
– Good Looking

Do tastes you add to water count as “water”?
All of us understand water is superior hydration (with an exception for some extreme sports) however for some factor, you just do not like it or you can’t make yourself drink enough of it, you require taste! There are all kinds of water enhancing products out there that include putting powder packs or squeezing cute little containers into your water.

– If you’re addicted to sugary beverages and you’re working to wean yourself off them, and if cold-turkey isn’t really your design, the sugar-free versions can help you transition into much healthier beverage drinking which can save thousands of calories and benefit your health.
– Excessive sugar does not just add weight, it’s bad for practically every piece of your body from your skin, to your brain. It’s one of the leading causes for the rise in type 2 diabetes.
– If you simply desire some flavor from time to time, the quantities of sucralose probably aren’t harmful (though I’m not a researcher so I’m utilizing the word most likely).

Not so advantageous
– It’s chemicals
– Things that are sugar free or fat totally free aren’t necessarily healthy or better for you than their real version. You cannot have sweet with “no sugar included” labels
– It’s a bad idea to rely on these flavored waters for all your hydration. Your body needs clear water, and enough of it, for good fitness gains. There is debate swirling about the security of sweetening agents and their long term use

Taste your water ideas!
– Instead of purchasing squirts and packages, add some real fruit juice to your water. Squeeze some orange, lemon, lime, and even a mint leaf into your water. Good and natural for you!

– Chew a piece of gum (spearmint is my preferred) while you’re consuming water. Viola – Taste!

In the end, the response is to consume straight WATER. Do not talk yourself into the fake tastes being “helpful for you”, they aren’t however if you like some sweet water once in awhile, then it’s definitely a much better option than the sugar filled drinks out there. Do your research and decide if they are worth the risk but there merely is no substitute for the clear stuff.

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