Best 7.1 Home Theater System 2016

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So, you have decided to set a 7.1-channel home theater system. A 7.1-channel home theater system is a group of seven satellite speakers and one subwoofer. It has a pair of extra speakers than a 5.1-channel home theater system, usually placed at the left and right sides. As the effect, a 7.1-channel can deliver a lot more immersive and realistic audio reproduction, making you experience truly astonishing surround sound. Now, if you have prepared yourself to get the best home theater system, here are the five best 7.1 home theater system for 2016!

Best 7.1 Home Theater System 2016

1. Klipsch Gallery G-16 7.1 Home Theater System
The products of Klipsch have always been ascociated with the finest of quality. Now, we have Klipsch Gallery G-16 7.1 Home Theater System. It is a truly awesome set that is worth the price. It packs super audio amplification power. It delivers super audio accuracy and detail. Bass, midrange, and treble are all very well-defined, full, and solid. No wonder; Klipsch Gallery G-16 consists of seven Klipsch Gallery G-16 Flat Panel LCR and one Klipsch SW-310 900-Watt subwoofer! With such power, Klipsch Gallery G-16 can easily fill even the largest room with its sounds. You can even acquire it along with a Denon AVR-X2100W 7.2-channel AV receiver!

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2. JBL Arena 170
JBL is one manufcturer who has produced a variety of audio equipment products. JBL Arena 170 is certainly a big hit! It is not only very good-looking. If we are talking about JBL Arena 170, we are certainly talking about superior audio accuracy and true sounds. Its audio amplification power may not be the biggest one, but the audio reproduction quality is very astonising. The bundle consists of a pair of 7” floor-standing loudspeaker, a pair of 7” bookshelf loudspeaker, a pair of 5.5” bookshelf loudspeaker, one 5.5” center loudspeaker, and one 10” 100-Watt subwoofer. Its ability to recreate vivid, bright, and clear audio is its primary strength.

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3. Onkyo HT-S9700THX
Standing around a similar price, we have got Onkyo HT-S9700THX. This 7.1-channel home theater system offers a similar audio amplification power as JBL Arena 170. It also includes all the seven satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and an Onkyo AV receiver. It supports Dolby Atmos multidimensional sound format, and is certified with THX I/S Plus for its theater-reference sound performance.

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4. Onkyo SKS-HT993THX
Are you looking for a more affordable 7.1 home theater system? Onkyo SKS-HT993THX is a great alternative to Onkyo HT-S9700THX. It is very similar to the pricier model, it just doesn’t support Dolby Atmos. Still, you can get a fantastic 7.1-channel experience with it, as it is also THX I/S PLUS certified!

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5. Onkyo SKS-HT540
Now, Onkyo SKS-HT540 serves as the best alternative for a budget 7.1 home theater system. Despite the affordable price, the seven speakers pack 130 Watts of power each! Plus, the 230-Watt subwoofer is ready to shake the ground. Onkyo SKS-HT540 features the original OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber) diaphragm technology to deliver a fast and accurate frequency response.

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Those were the five best 7.1 home theater system for 2016. Choose one that suits you the most!