Bose 161 Review: Versatile Bookshelf Speakers for Music and Movies

Bose is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the audio equipment industry. The company has released various high-quality products, from headphones to speakers and dedicated subwoofers to home theater system sets. Bose’s models are respected because they indeed deliver great audio quality. Now, we are going to take a look at one Bose product, Bose 161. Bose 161 is a pair of bookshelf speakers that is quite affordable and budget-friendly. However, this product stands out from the other products in its class because of its unique features and technologies. If you are looking for a pair of compact bookshelf speakers with crisp, articulate sound, Bose 161 can be the answer!

Bose 161 Review Versatile Bookshelf Speakers for Music and Movies

Bose 161 speakers are very compact, as each barely measures 4.17” x 11” x 5”. These speakers are also very lightweight, allowing you to mount them on the wall effortlessly. They come complete with the wall brackets, allowing and encouraging you to save some space in the room by placing them on the wall. But you can certainly put them on the shelves, if you prefer it that way. The speakers are also magnetically shielded to allow flexible placement; you can put them near a display monitor or other electronic device without worrying about distortion. Nevertheless, since Bose 161 are passive speakers, don’t forget that you need to pair these speakers with an amplifier.

They have a rather unique design; they are almost rectangular, but the body is curved especially at the top. Actually, such design is not only for the looks. While the design makes these speakers appear stylish and contemporary, the design actually also has a thing to do with the Articulated Array driver positioning and Stereo Everywhere technology. Instead of projecting the sound in a single direction, these features aim to deliver wide and even sound projection to the whole listening area. As the effect, Bose 161 is able to spread the sound evenly across the room. You can enjoy detailed and realistic stereo sound no matter where you sit.


- Versatile speakers in white for music and movies, ideal for use in bookshelf or wall-mount applications - Performance rivaling much larger home stereo speakers - Stereo Everywhere speaker performance produces balanced stereo sound over a wide area - Magnetically shielded speakers allow for speaker placement in close proximity to your TV - Custom mounting brackets included for additional placement options

The audio quality is excellent. Well, Bose 161 speakers don’t give super boomy bass, so it would be a good idea to get a dedicated subwoofer if you really want to build the ultimate home theater system. Still, the sound is very detailed, crisp and articulate at all frequencies. These speakers can perform well for listening to music as well as for enjoying movies. However, they aren’t all that powerful; Bose 161 is only suitable for a small to medium room size. The volume levels are not loud enough for a particularly big room.

Specifications of Bose 161
System Components: 2 x bookshelf speakers
Magnetic Shield: Yes
Dimensions / Weight: 4.17″ x 11″ x 5″ (3.25 lbs) each speaker
Amplification Type: passive
Output Power: 50 Watt
Impedance: 4/8 Ohm
Recommended Amplifier: 10 Watt
Connectivity Technology: wired
Driver Type: full-range driver
Driver Diameter: 64 mm
Driver Quantity: 2
In the box: 2 speakers and 2 wall brackets

Pros of Bose 161
– Relatively affordable price
– Excellent audio spread with balanced sound in the entire listening area
– Good output quality
– Compact and portable design allowing versatile placement

Price of Bose 161
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