Bose Solo 15 Vs Cinemate 15

Are you looking to enhance your TV watching experience? Upgrading the TV audio is a good place to start. TV speakers are minute with mostly thin and mediocre sound. Bose has a solution that comes in the form of two sound bars. We will compare both of them namely Bose Solo 15 vs Cinemate 15 and help you decide which of the two is worth your money.

Bose Solo 15 Vs Cinemate 15

Lets get the similarities out of the way so we can focus on the juicy differences. Both come with universal remote controls that can operate your TV , Blu-Ray system and many other TV peripherals. They are plug and play which means that they do not have complex setups required, once hooked up to your TV they are ready for use. Both have signature simplistic Bose designs that are appealing to the eye with small sized sound bars that can fit under most TVs. Finally they both support various audio inputs with a choice of coaxial and optical cable options.

The differences between them are minimal but distinct. The Bose Cinemate 15 has has a sound bar plus an Acoustimass module. This module acts as a sub woofer to deliver cinematic-like deep bass radically enhancing your TV watching experience. This surpasses the Bose Solo 15 which comes sans the bass module. The addition of Acoustimass bass module makes the Cinematic 15 $100 dollars more expensive ($599 at the time of writing) than the $499 of the Bose Solo.

Bose Solo 15 Vs Cinemate 15

NameBose Solo 15Bose Cinemate 15
NameBose Solo 15Bose Cinemate 15
Features- One-connection convenience for clearly better TV sound - Fits under most TVs 46" to 50", or can be placed on a shelf directly below TV - Easy bass adjustments from control knob on the back of the system - Included universal remote to control your TV and other sources - Advanced Bose technology lets you hear more of the sound you've been missing without needing to constantly adjust the volume- Full, impressive TV sound that spreads well beyond the soundbar itself - Deep bass from the Acoustic mass module that brings movies, TV shows, sports and video games to life - Soundbar fits easily in front of TV and connects with just one cable - Easy-to-use universal remote controls TV, cable box and more - Multiple audio inputs: choice of digital optical, coaxial and analog
Ratings4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars

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While comparing Bose Solo 15 vs Cinemate 15 you will notice that both excel in outputting good quality audio but the Bose Cinemate 15 does not settle for just good quality, it aims for a cinematic experience. The accompanying Acoustimass with its deep bass makes for an immersive TV experience that rivals the cinema thus justifying the price bump while compared to Bose Solo 15. As a result, we think that the Bose Cinematic 15 the clear winner.

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