Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 Review: Surprising Performance

If you want to enjoy some films on the weekend without having to go outside, you should consider installing your own home theater system. It will allow you to enjoy immersive movies and music from the comfort of your home. Don’t worry; a home theater system does not have to be pricey. Of course, there are expensive options available on the market, which may offer some special features, but some of the more affordable options can actually satisfy you already. If you want an affordable 5.1-channel system with great audio performance, you definitely should take a look at Definitive Technology ProCinema 600. This beautiful set of speakers looks very stylish and elegant. It also has excellent audio quality, though it may need an unusual setup in order to unfold its fullest power.

Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 Review Surprising Performance

Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 is a 5.1-channel home theater speaker package featuring four satellite speakers, one center channel speaker, and one subwoofer. All the components mentioned here have been given a gloss black finish that greatly enhances their appearance. Slim and compact, these speakers look modern and classy. They will look good in your living room. The compact design also makes Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 very easy and flexible to place. The center channel speaker has been magnetically shielded, allowing you to place it near a TV without causing any distortion. Unfortunately, the other speakers are not magnetically shielded. This should not be a big problem as the other speakers are going to be put relatively far from the TV, but you need to remember not to bring anything magnetic close to the other speakers.

Actually, the installation process is not complicated at all. However, the configuration of the speakers has made them perform slightly differently from your typical home theater speaker set. Because of that, you should definitely put some extra care during the setup in order to place and configure the speakers properly.


- Single ProCenter center-channel speaker - Equipped with two 3.25-inch bass/midrange drivers coupled to two 3.25-inch pressure-driven planar low-frequency radiator -Frequency response: 55Hz - 30kHz - Equipped with one 1-inch pure aluminum dome tweeter - The high quality finish is available in gloss black or gloss white

Nevertheless, after the system is installed properly, you will be surprised by how good these speakers sound. The sound quality is certainly comparable to that of the more expensive models. Lows, mids, and highs are reproduced fully and accurately. The center channel speaker has been designed to be a little more powerful than the satellite speakers, so that it will deliver crisp and articulate sounds. The subwoofer is surprisingly potent and powerful. The bass produced is full, solid, and strong, without muddling the midrange and treble.

Unfortunately, the subwoofer is apparently not very durable. A few users claim that the subwoofer only lasts for a few months. Well, to be fair, not all users experience such problem; many others don’t have any issue even after prolonged usage. Also, the product has a good warranty, and the customer service is highly responsive. Just to be safe, don’t push the subwoofer too much.

Specifications of Definitive Technology ProCinema 600
– Includes 1 subwoofer, 1 center channel speaker, 4 satellite speakers
– Gloss black finish
– Frequency response range 22–30,000 Hz
• Satellite Speakers:
o Sensitivity 88 dB
o 8-ohm impedance
o 150 watts peak power
o one 1” pure aluminum dome tweeter
o pressure-coupled one 3-1/4” bass/midrange driver andone 3-1/4” bass radiator
o 4-1/16”W x 7-1/16”H x 4-1/8”D
• Center Channel Speaker:
o Video-shielded
o Sensitivity 89 dB
o 8-ohm impedance
o 175 watts peak power
o one 1” pure aluminum dome tweeter
o pressure-coupled two 3-1/4” bass/midrange drivers and two 3-1/4” bass radiators
o 11-9/16”W x 4-1/16”H x 4-3/16”D
• Subwoofer:
o Bass-reflex (passive radiator) enclosure
o Pressure-coupled, one 8” woofer and one 8” low bass radiator
o Built-in 250-watt amplifier
o Variable low-pass 40–150 Hz crossover
o 100 Hz fixed high-pass crossover
o Auto on/off
o 10-5/16”W x 12-15/16”H x 15-1/16”D

Pros of Definitive Technology ProCinema 600
– Excellent sound quality and power
– The center channel speaker is magnetically shielded
– Sweet bass performance
– Compact components that are easy to place
– Beautiful finish

Price of Definitive Technology ProCinema 600
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