Denon AVR X4400H Vs Yamaha RX A2080

An AV receiver is one of the most important components in your home theater because its job is to collect all of your sources and assign each signal for each output you have. For those who need a 9.2 channel, Denon AVR X4400H Vs Yamaha RX A2080 are affordable choices among the huge amount of models and brands out there. These receivers are pretty much the same to each other with a slight difference so do check what they are here, before making a decision.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is an AV Receiver
  • What are Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080
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  • What else Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 can offer
  • How are the Performance of Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080
  • Denon AVR X4400H Vs Yamaha RX A2080

AV Receiver

The entertainment we get at home is very limited but it doesn’t mean that they are not fun. You don’t have to visit a nearby movie theater just to watch a movie unless it is a newly released one and have not been added into your streaming service collection then yes, we need to go to the theater to watch them. With the abundant amount of streaming service now you can watch video on demand almost anytime and in addition, many of them are very interesting as well.

For those who want to get the experience of movie theater in their home, it is just logical to build a home theater room inside. This is only for those who really want to get a surround sound because chances are most of us are already satisfied with the speaker from your smart TV. But, if you are going to use more than one source of content and use a lot of speakers to build your system then we need more than just TV or monitor and speakers.

The equipment you will need is called an AV receiver and we are sure most people are familiar or at least have heard about the component before. This is actually the center of your home theater because it is where everything is plugged into and as you may already know, they are taking care of both the video and audio signal. The benefit of using them is you can enjoy the surround sound glory right in the house as usually at least a receiver has five channels for audio amplification.

 Denon AVR X4400H Yamaha RX A2080
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions 14.92 x 17.09 x 6.57 inches
18.66 x 17.13 x 7.56 inches
Shipping Weight29.8 pounds37.5 pounds

This should be enough to power your two front speakers, two rear speakers, and one center speaker. The function is almost the same to a stereo receiver but the latter can only power two speakers at once and many music enthusiasts seem to like this option better for their listening session since usually the audio quality they produce is better than AV receivers. But, if you also throw movies or shows in this home theater then an AV receiver is the one to go.

But, before buying a receiver, it is good to consider what you want to get from the equipment because it is quite a hassle to install one. Besides deciding how many inputs and outputs they have, it is also necessary to see what they are capable of whether it is the technology to improve sound, adjusting the video quality, or even some neat functions such as wireless control and compatibility with your smart speakers. Read also: Marantz SR7011 Vs Denon AVR X4400H here.

About Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080

One thing for sure is an AV receiver will be quite an expensive investment for your home entertainment system depending on what they can offer. The system may also add clutter to your room and with a receiver we also have to follow a process every time watching the TV or listening to music. However, it is entertainment and meant to be fun so as long as you enjoy it, we do think it will be worth it. The shopping process however, is quite confusing.

This is because there are so many of them out there and just like everything, not all will offer the same experience or same set of functions so while in general all AV receivers will accept your audio and video signals then sending them to the respective output, not all will have the same capabilities. We can, however, shop quickly based on the brand or manufacturer such as from Denon and Yamaha or other well-known brands since they are famous for high-quality products.

These brands are also good choices to shop from if you want to find the AV receiver quickly as we can narrow down the option to only a handful of them and among those, if you are going to use lots of speakers in the room or house, then Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 will be two amazing models you may want to consider. These are quite popular receivers in previous years for their ability to power lots of output but stay modest in price.

The budget matters when buying a new receiver since they are not cheap and the fact that different systems may need different receivers means we have to consider the option wisely. In comparison the X440H is an older model to this RX A2080 receiver but when it comes to capabilities, it seems the two are offering similar functions and of course able to power lots of speakers in your system.

Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 Design

Just like any AV receivers that you can find out there, Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 are very similar to each other as they are coming in this black box fashion and a very chunky piece of equipment to place below your TV. The measurement of the unit itself is 17 inches by 14.9 by 6.5 inches compared to 18.6 inches by 17 inches by 7.5 inches. They are also very robust and have perforated covers to cool the element inside.

As you can see that the fashion of these receivers are very traditional and the face plate is kept simple with only two knobs to adjust sound level and choosing input source with a large display to view information. Below the display, there is a small panel that houses another set of controls with some additional ports and a lot more buttons with their own function. Both of them will also come with a remote control to navigate around.

Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 Inputs & Outputs

Because the function of an AV receiver is to house your system, what matters the most here is their amount of inputs and outputs to match with what you need and these are very similar as well in both Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 9.2 channel systems. Starting with Denon, this receiver has 4 composite in and 2 out, 1 component in and 2 out, 8 HDMI in and 3 out, while on the other hand Yamaha has 4 composite in and no out with 7 HDMI input and 3 output.

Moving to the audio part, Denon has 7 analog input and no output, can accept phono input, with 2 digital audio in and out, 2 analog multi room, 11.2 multi channel preamp, 2 independent subwoofer out,  and a total of 11 speaker terminals. On the other hand your Yamaha will have 9 analog audio input and no output, a phono, 2 digital audio in and out both optical and coaxial, with 7.2 pre out, and similarly 11 speaker output.

Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 Features

Next we want to talk about their additional features which is very convenient in our opinion. But, mentioning the surround system, both the Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 are capable of handling most modern technologies and of course, they are ideal for Atmos. To complement your system, both of these receivers are also offering wireless controls from your smartphone so now we can conveniently use another device to command the receiver and navigate them instead of relying on the standard remote.

The app is very useful and Denon also has HEOS which is very popular for multi-room applications in which you can control all of them in one single system. You can also listen to music from various music streaming sources such as Spotify and even connect them to your Amazon Alexa to use the voice command.

Denon AVR X4400H and Yamaha RX A2080 Performance 

Both of them are an amazing receiver that you can install in the room and they can work with many configuration as well with a total of 11 speakers outputs but, you will need to add another two channels to drive the two last speakers yet, it is also more affordable to use them in this setup rather than buying a 11.2 channel receiver. They seem to have different power rates with Yamaha RZ A2080 being slightly higher at 140 watts in comparison to AVR X4400H’s 125 watts per channel.

Denon AVR X4400H Vs Yamaha RX A2080

These are good options for those looking for a 9.2 channel receiver and they are quite affordable as well. These two offer similar inputs and outputs so you can connect up to 11 speakers with two external amplification but Yamaha has a more modern interface compared to Denon and this model also have a slightly higher power to drive their speakers yet, in terms of the ability to create a mesmerizing sound, you can get them from both receivers.

- Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
- HEOS wireless music streaming technology with HEOS app andgt; comfortable control options and almost unlimited music sources
- 9.2 channel AV Receiver with 125W per channel (8ohm, 20Hz 20kHz with 0.05 percentageTHD), 11.2ch processingandgt; 9 powerful amplifiers for an easy 3D audio setup to fill big rooms with Denon sound
- 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 support; 3 HDMI outputs andgt; plenty of inputs for your digital devices; different video in different rooms
- 9.2 ch Dolby Atmos, DTS:X (5.2.4 ch) with Multi Zone, Cinema DSP HD3, YPAO Sound Optimization (RSC/Multipoint/3D/Precision EQ) and dual ESS Sabre DACs
- Wi Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect and MusicCast multi room. Works with Amazon Alexa
- Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM Internet Radio, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster and more
- HDMI with HDCP 2.2 (7 in/3 out): 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma and BT.2020


Overall there is no bad option between the two so we can pick just any of them but, considering the current price, none of these receivers are cheap and if you want to optimize the budget, we recommend to go with Denon AVR X4400H which is much more affordable but still working amazing.

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