Denon AVR X4500H vs Yamaha RX A2080

Having a home theater at home is great as you can enjoy the cinema quality sound without having to step out of the comfort of your house. One component we can’t miss in a home theater is an AV receiver such as Denon AVR X4500H Vs Yamaha RX A2080 because they will be the hub for everything inside. If you are also considering these options, do check our article below before deciding for one because there are some differences you may want to know.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in an AV Receiver
  • What are Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080
  • What Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 Look Like
  • How are the Ports in Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080
  • What Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 can offer
  • Are Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 Convenient
  • Denon AVR X4500H Vs Yamaha RX A2080

AV Receivers

As one’s financial condition is getting better, the more you want from the entertainment system, so now a smart TV with a streaming service may not be enough anymore and you need something that can mimic the experience of a movie theater. You can build a theater room in the house complete with the TV or your preferred screen and a set of speakers to give the best sound experience but, this is also not an inexpensive investment as you will spend quite a lot.

Price can be subjective but we are sure many will agree that a home theater is an expensive setup. Chances are you need to buy several speakers depending on what system you plan to build, a larger screen for a larger room, and one we can’t forget is the hub itself or the AV receiver. As you may already know, this is the center of your home theater because we will be connecting them through this box, both on the source and output end.

One of the most important parts of an AV receiver is their input because they are what decide what the box can receive. This includes HDMI ports that carry both high definition video and audio signals while if it has USB inputs then we can connect some external devices as well or if you will connect some Apple products a receiver can have a docking port too. Nowadays you can find most new receivers to have a wired LAN or Wi-Fi for internet connectivity.

 Denon AVR X4500H Yamaha RX A2080
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions 17.13 x 15 x 6.63 inches
18.66 x 17.13 x 7.56 inches
Shipping Weight30.2 pounds
37.5 pounds

On the output area the basic will be for connecting to a television but most TVs nowadays have HDMI ports and in case you are using an older TV, then we will need component or composite video. Talking about receivers means talking about speakers as well and what you need to consider is the setup itself as there are various arrangements you can try for the room that meets your preference. Typical 5 channels receiver can be used to power three front speakers and two on the side for surround sound.

Modern receivers can have many more and even affordable models like the Marantz SR6014 Vs SR6013 are capable of powering 9 speakers at once or even extending the setup with two more speakers with addition of external amplification. With speakers come powers but since there is no universal way of measuring power, it is difficult to recommend a certain range yet, the general rule is always the bigger the room, the more powerful the speaker needs to be.

About Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080

There are many to consider for getting a reliable receiver but chances are you will find them in no time as there are quite a lot of them out there. Depending on what setup you want to have, our receiver should follow the need for best performance. Most manufacturers have a collection of receivers from the entry-level to the high-end range so everyone can have their own choice but, if you want the best convenience we can just stick to the popular names to save time.

There may be dozens of receiver brands out there but only several that are well-known enough to have a large portion of the market share and among those, Denon and Yamaha are the two of them besides another great option like Marantz. These companies are very popular for their good receivers and also the common choices for buyers who want to shop wisely yet effectively because you can find a lot inside their catalog. Many are also similar however, so it can get confusing.

If you are here then we assume you are going to have a high-end setup such as 9.2 channel or typical surround configuration such as 5.2.4 or 7.2.2 so the ideal options will be Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 because the two are capable of being used in this system. They are not the most expensive you can get but should be enough for getting an immersive surround sound experience without the hefty price tag. The two however are also very much similar.

Receivers in general are pretty much the same based on what you can connect them with so when there is enough connector to pair with either source or output, the possibilities will be the same as well. What usually sets them apart is the power to drive each channel or some additional features or even the type of connectors they have which also seems to differentiate Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 too.

Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 Design

AV receivers have been around for a long time and they still come in the same fashion today which is the familiar black box we all have seen before. These are still kept today and due to the amount of ports we need in the unit, it is difficult to have them in a more compact form. The two are very much the same in this side with metal chassis and perforated walls to keep the component inside cool while they are operating.

Most of the ports are placed on the rear panel while some are on the front face which you may not be able to see at first because they are covered in a small window below the main display. This panel can be opened and will expose the rest of the ports including more controls. In closed condition, the two only expose two main knobs each of them for choosing source and volume control, power button, and the main display.

Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 Ports

The first factor you may want to know about the receiver is their ports as it will lead to what you can connect to the equipment but, here both Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 are very much the same. Starting with the video content, both of them are featured with 7 HDMI inputs on the back with Denon adding another one behind the front window panel. As for the composite the former has 3 input and 2 out with 2 component input and 1 output.

On the other hand Yamaha has 4 composite inputs and no output. As for the audio side, Denon has 5 analog input, a phono input, 2 optical and coaxial input, analog multi-room output, and a total of 11 speaker terminals. Similarly, Yamaha has 9 analog input, a phono input, 3 digital and coaxial input, multi-room, and a total of 11 speaker ports. 

Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 Features

For the technology part both Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 are also offering the standard of today’s format and specification. The two are compatible for UHD 4K content, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, HDR, Dolby Vision, HLG support, BT.2020, as well as ready for the Enhanced Audio Return or eARC after you update the firmware for Yamaha while this was updated by Denon in early 2019. On the audio part both are featured with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

What’s a bit different is the AVR X4500H also has IMAX Enhanced which is the latest technology for IMAX and with this you can enjoy an experience of new standard for image, sound, scale as well as content quality that is not only immersive but also heart pounding combined with DTS sound which is very prominent in its role if you will be using large scale image viewing device as well.

Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 Convenience

As for the last factor we will be seeing their convenience and just like most modern receivers both Denon AVR X4500H and Yamaha RX A2080 are featured with wireless connectivity both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can connect various additional devices with them such as Bluetooth speakers that we can place in different rooms. Denon just like Marantz has a HEOS system while Yamaha with their MusicCast. Both can be controlled from your smartphone and you can play from different music streaming apps as well as with smart speakers for enabling voice command.

Denon AVR X4500H vs Yamaha RX A2080

As you may already know, the two are very much the same to each other for you can use them on the same system and connect the same amount of speakers with some slight difference on the amount of several connectors such as HDMI which Yamaha lacks one more that usually present on the front panel for convenience. In addition Yamaha is not IMAX ready but is slightly driving more power at 140 W per channel compared to 125 W.

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If you will be powering 9 speakers the two are equally capable but comparing them for the features and price, we do recommend getting Denon AVR X4500H because this receiver is cheaper and equally capable, moreover is also featured with IMAX.

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