Denon DHT S514 Vs Sonos Playbar

Denon DHT S514 and Sonos Playbar are both soundbars boasting 5.1-channel audio technology to deliver immersive surround experience. However, Sonos Playbar is quite more expensive than Denon DHT S514. As both products are made by big manufacturers, we can’t exactly underestimate either of the two. So, which is the product that can bring the best sonic performance? Which is the product that holds the fullest bang for our money? Don’t worry; you can find the answers here! (have a look: Bose Cinemate 130 Vs Sonos Playbar)

Denon DHT S514 Vs Sonos Playbar

Denon DHT S514 is very different to Sonos Playbar in a sense that it is actually a two-piece product. Denon DHT S514 consists of a soundbar and a subwoofer, while Sonos Playbar is a single piece soundbar. The soundbar of Denon DHT S514 is slimmer but longer to the sides, while Sonos Playbar is shorter to the sides but slightly taller and thicker. The soundbar of Denon DHT S514 is significantly lighter with only 5 lbs of mass while Sonos Playbar is 11.9 lbs, but do not forget that Denon DHT S514 also comes with a subwoofer, which weighs 13 lbs. The subwoofer is quite compact and not too bulky.

Denon DHT S514’s soundbar features a pair of 0.5” dome tweeters and a pair of 5” midrange cones. The subwoofer has two 5.25” cone drivers. However, even though it does not come with a subwoofer, Sonos Playbar features three dome tweeters and six midrange drivers. Such configuration explains why Sonos Playbar is able to deliver significantly better audio quality. The sounds are much more well-defined and clearer. Furthermore, Sonos Playbar is equipped with the dialogue enhancement feature to provide more articulate and pronounced human voices.

In terms of connectivity, both models can be considered wireless, but they are different. Denon DHT S514 only has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity with audio sources. In addition, Denon DHT S514 offers a bunch of ports: mini stereo audio input, optical and coaxial digital audio inputs, HDMI input, and HDMI output. On the contrary, Sonos Playbar only has a single optical digital audio input for wired connectivity. It primarily relies on wireless connectivity, as it has built-in Wi-Fi. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi as well, Sonos Playbar is compatible with various music services such as Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and over than 100,000 Internet radio stations.

Denon DHT S514 Vs Sonos Playbar

NameDenon DHT S514Sonos Playbar
NameDenon DHT S514Sonos Playbar
Features- Denon Soundbar DHT-S514BK- Complements HD television screens with powerful, realistic sound from nine amplified speakers. - Uses your WiFi, easy to set up and expand your system over time.
Ratingsn/a4.4 out of 5.0 stars

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Finally, we recommend you to choose Sonos Playbar. The price increment is justified by the upgrades and improvements. Sonos Playbar sounds better, offers more practical usage.

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