Epson 2000 Vs 2030

If you can get staggering projectors at less than $1,000, why would you spend more? That seems to be the “tagline” of Epson 2000 vs 2030. Yes, here, we’re going to compare these Epson’s brothers and figure out which one is actually more superior (although I believe the superiority could be disregarded).

Epson 2000 Vs 2030

As I have mentioned above, these products are alike. They have HDMI connections ensuring high definition image quality, support 3LCD and 3D, provide full 1080 pixels for the resolution, and deliver 300 inch on any screen or just simply use your wall. Those features make them both perfect for home theater projectors. What’s also interesting is their MHL connectivity. This feature alone is capable of making Epson 2000 and 2030 as smart projectors. Connect the projectors with your gadgets (smartphone, tablets, you name it) and instantly, the projectors will scan videos, images, and the other visual-based files to be displayed directly. But even twin brothers should have something distinctive. And for these projectors, the difference can be seen from its lumens or the ability of the projectors to provide brightness. Epson 2030, as the little bro, has slightly more lumens at 2000 and it’s only 200 more than Epson 2000 (see, there’s barely any significant difference, right?) However, in quite bright room, 200 lumens difference can play quite important role in delivering more lucid images.

With barely any difference in specifications, the only option left is to compare the prices. Epson 2000 is offered at $749 while Epson 2030 is $799. It’s totally reasonable. About $50 difference should cover the 200 point difference in lumens.*

Epson 2000 Vs 2030

NameEpson 2000Epson 2030
NameEpson 2000Epson 2030
Features- Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson - Color Brightness: 1800 lumens - White Brightness: 1800 lumens - Full HD 1080p; up to 300" on any wall or screen - Supports MHL-enabled devices- Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson - Color Brightness: 2000 lumens - White Brightness: 2000 lumens - Full HD 1080p; up to 300" on any wall or screen - Supports MHL-enabled devices
Ratings4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars

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I must say that draw is the most logical outcome of Epson 2000 vs 2030. However, I recommend you to get Epson 2030 so you can enjoy more lumens just in case you’re going to use the projector in rather bright room.

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