Epson 5030UB Vs 5030UBe

When Epson released its 5030UB, it was fabulous. All market platforms seem to agree that this projector is the best you can ever get. No wonder if 5030UB was awarded as the last year’s best buy. And that makes Epson more unshakable as the top projector brand. However, things went wrong when Epson 5030UBE was released soon after. What’s going on? To make it simpler for you to comprehend, let’s compare Epson 5030UB vs 5030UBe.

Epson 5030UB Vs 5030UBe

What Went Wrong?
The attribute of “highly reputable” Epson 5030UB isn’t given without any reason. This projector is really complete and by complete, I mean complete feature package. Just see the radiant contrast ratio which covers 600,000:1 combined with 2400 lumens for instance. The result is jaw-dropping fantastic. The details are even comparable to plasma TV and it has never been done by any projector ever! To show you how detailed it can be, imagine you set up Epson 5030UB in a quite dark room and you playback motion images which show night sky. The darkness of the sky is seen vividly and the sparkles of the stars are also there as if you’re really looking outside your window! Not to mention, the existence of realistic 3D technology will guarantee your satisfaction even more.

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However, as if Epson wants to use the momentum of 5030UB’s success, 5030UBE was launched to the market with the hope that it would give even better pleasure to the customers. But, it turns out to be a point-of-no-return mistake. Bundled with almost $1,000 more than 5030UB, Epson 5030UBE has totally similar specifications. You can’t even see the difference if you’re not told that this projector supports wireless HDMI connection, which is rubbish! For almost $1,000, you get a feature which isn’t really working smoothly. You can’t set the projector and hope it will work flawless if your wireless signal isn’t good enough. Not to mention, to be honest, it’s not fully wireless after all! You still need receiver and emitter for the signals!

Epson 5030UB Vs 5030UBe

NameEpson 5030UBEpson 5030UBe
NameEpson 5030UBEpson 5030UBe
Features- Power cord - Two HDMI cable clamps - Remote control with AA batteries - CD-ROM with users guide link - Two pairs of RF 3D glasses - 3D glasses charging cable - Quick Setup Guide- Power cord - Two HDMI cable clamps - Remote control with AA batteries - CD-ROM with users guide link - Two pairs of RF 3D glasses - 3D glasses charging cable - Quick Setup Guide - Wireless transmitter with AC adapter
Ratings4.8 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars

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Well, sadly said, Epson 5030UB vs 5030UBE is won by 5030UB and there shouldn’t be any doubt about it. Forget the wireless feature, spend less money, and you won’t be troubled with setting up the wireless signal every time you want to use the projector. I must say, at this point, Epson made a mistake.

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