Epson Home Cinema 2030 Vs BenQ W1070

Looking for a decent upgrade from your old home theater projector? Ah, it should be under a thousand bucks? Well, you should take a look at Epson Home Cinema 2030 and BenQ W1070. These are currently among the champions of the class. A lot of people keep asking about which one is the better product between the two. Which one should we get? We will answer that question here!

Epson Home Cinema 2030 Vs BenQ W1070

One of the primary considerations when comparing two projectors side-by-side should be the image quality. Epson Home Cinema 2030 and BenQ W1070 both have 2,000 lumens of ANSI brightness. Epson Home Cinema 2030 has a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 while BenQ W1070 has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. On paper, Epson Home Cinema 2030 seems to have better colors than BenQ W1070, but, in fact, BenQ W1070 has the overall better image visualization. This is because Epson Home Cinema 2030 has a wider image projection than BenQ W1070. Given that they both use the same resolution (Full HD 1080p), a wider projection will cause the pixels to be less dense. Hence, Epson Home Cinema 2030’s images are unfortunately not as sharp neither as eye-catching as BenQ W1070.

However, about additional features, Epson Home Cinema 2030 can boast more than BenQ W1070. It has more sophisticated remote control and menu system, MHL input, fast HDMI source switching, and also RF-based 3D. BenQ W1070 offers IF-based 3D. In terms of picture quality, they are both the same, but IF-based 3D requires a steady line of sight to the signal source whereas RF-based 3D doesn’t. So, if you ever want to utilize the 3D support, Epson Home Cinema 2030 will be more practical as you will not have to be nailed to a single spot all the time.

Epson Home Cinema 2030 Vs BenQ W1070

NameEpson Home Cinema 2030BenQ W1070
NameEpson Home Cinema 2030BenQ W1070
Features- Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson - Color Brightness: 2000 lumens - White Brightness: 2000 lumens - Full HD 1080p; up to 300" on any wall or screen - Supports MHL-enabled devices- Screen Size Range: 40-inches from 3.75 feet; 235-inches from 22.5 feet,Lens F=2.59-2.87, f=16.88-21.88mm - ANSI Brightness: 2,000 Lumens - Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes; Lens Shift: Yes
Ratings4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars


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For the fullest value out of our money, Epson Home Cinema 2030 will be our best choice, as it comes with more features at a lower price. The wider projection can be a neat thing, too, though the picture quality is kind of compromised here. BenQ W1070 may have a somewhat better picture quality, but the higher price is a major drawback.

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