Marantz NR1506 Vs NR1606

A lot of people wonder whether they should get themselves Marantz NR1506 or Marantz NR1606. These two models seem to share a lot of resemblances with each other, except on a few things. Thus, they want to know if they will receive significantly more benefits by purchasing the more expensive model, Marantz NR1606, or if they should get the more affordable model, Marantz NR1506, for the fullest value for the money. Put your worries aside, my friend, because we are going to compare Marantz NR1506 and Marantz NR1606 here!

Marantz NR1506 Vs NR1606

Both models have identical designs and layouts, with identical control knobs and buttons along with some ports on the front side and the rest of the ports on the rear side. Quite interestingly, both models are also armed with similar power amplification configuration. Each model has a 50-Watt power amp with a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. However, Marantz NR1606 can have a better performance than Marantz NR1506 because it has 7.2-channel while the other contender has only 5.2-channel. Which means, Marantz NR1606 can connect to 7 satellite speakers while Marantz NR1506 can only connect to 5 satellite speakers. As it works with more speakers, it can certainly generate louder and stronger sounds. Having more channels is especially beneficial for larger rooms so that you can fill the air with powerful audio.

As stated before, being a 7.2-channel A/V receiver, Marantz NR1606 can connect to more speakers than Marantz NR1506. However, that is not the only case. Actually, Marantz NR1606 is armed with more connectivity options than Marantz NR1506. Both models come with three composite video inputs and one output, also three analog, one optical, and one coaxial audio inputs. Yet, Marantz NR1606 is enriched further with two component video inputs and one output. One notable feature is that you can assign two channels out of the seven amplifier channels to power up speakers in another room, making Marantz NR1606 viable for multi-room theater system.

Both models are armed with built-in DTS HD Master, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Atmos technologies. Both models support multi-channel stereo as well. However, Marantz NR1606 is equipped further with Dolby Surround technology. Thus, you can get much better audio experience with Marantz NR1606. (Find more about Marantz’s product, click here)

Marantz NR1506 Vs NR1606

NameMarantz NR1506Marantz NR1606
NameMarantz NR1506Marantz NR1606
Features- 5.2ch platform with 2.2ch Pre-out - 50W(8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.08%) Power Amp - HDMI 2.0 - 6 inputs / 1 output - Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through and HDCP2.2- 7.2ch platform with 2.2ch Pre-out - 50W(8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.08%) Power Amp - HDMI 2.0 - 8 inputs /1 output - Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through and HDCP2.2
Ratings4.1 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars

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Marantz NR1606 holds more advantages than Marantz NR1506. However, these advantages can benefit you the most only in large rooms and if you want to build a multi-room theater system. If so, Marantz NR1606 is the way. Otherwise, you can save some bucks with Marantz NR1506, as the power amp is similar.

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