Marantz SR5009 Vs Marantz SR6009

When it comes to picking out home entertainment appliances, technology has brought forth incredible innovations that sustain their individual features. A home theatre system that can bring excitement to all your visual experiences should compliment your home, backed with excellent sound surround system and connectivity. Marantz introduces two powerful models, sr5009 and sr6009 in a unique design that offers HD video quality. But the question is which is better? While comparing Marantz sr5009 vs. sr6009, it was found that the performance rate of both is distinct. Right from a 7 channel amplifier to Wi-Fi connectivity, both models reserve unique assets.

Marantz SR5009 Vs Marantz SR6009

Marantz SR5009 – Old is Gold
This powerful and modern dual room home theatre is a glitch frees state of the art receiver that comes with an iPad, iPod, iPhone remote control app. The front panel USB lets users plug in their device to connect to a music server and enjoy a rich audio experience. The dual zone features can function on any speaker (especially all NHT speakers) that supports Bluetooth and wireless connection featuring subwoofer technology. This premium sound system is a compact design that maintains the iconic porthole display. When it comes to price, sr5009 is a lot cheaper as compared to sr6009, giving excellent coverage and potential control.

Marantz SR6009 – New Insights
We welcome the latest edition – sr6009 which offers simultaneous audio and video functions in its versatile design. This thrilling sound system comes with 8 HDMI inputs, advanced video streaming faculties and is highly compatible with Pure Color 4:4:4 color subheadings. The improved picture quality and sound surround system makes it a better choice, with an ISF certified video section that appoints improved calibration control. Featuring 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz frame rate, sr6009 also includes Dynamic Surround Expansion offering excellent home theatre experience.

Marantz SR5009 Vs Marantz SR6009

NameMarantz SR5009Marantz SR6009
NameMarantz SR5009Marantz SR6009
Features- 7.2 channel platform100W(8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.08%) Power Amp4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through Analog to HDMI conversion - Build-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Networking: AirPlay, Android push playback, Internet Radio, Pandora(U) , Spotify Connect, Deezer (N to be upgrade), QQ(K),Sirius XM(U), DSD play back, DLNA 1.5 - Audyssey Mult EQ XT setup with MIC stand included in the box / Dynamic EQ & Volume Dolby PlL2z" - HDMI : Front 1in , Rear 7in/2 dual out Digital audio inputs :2 Opt /2 Coax Audio: 5in, Video: CVBS 3in / 1out, Component 2in / 1outFront panel USB input with iPod digital direct - AM/FM Radio2-zone/2-source via variable pre-outs and Amplified zone Remote in/out, RS232C, C4 SDDPisf Calibration Inlet type detachable AC cable- Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy setup and playback - 8 HDMI inputs, including 1 on the front panel, and dual HDMI outputs - Network services included are Spotify Connect, Pandora, Internet Radio, Sirius/XM, AirPlay and DNLA - 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz Pass-through; 4:4:4 Pure Color Sub-sampling Pass-through - Features Audyssey MultEQ XT automatic room acoustic measurement and correction system, Dynamic Volume, to smooth out jumps in volume, and Dynamic Surround Expansion, to broaden the front soundstage, via front height or front wide speakers
Ratings3.4 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Which is better?
Between Marantz sr5009 vs. sr6009, the latter is definitely a superior choice that features improved sound and visual assets. With a dual antenna that elaborates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, there is a small difference in terms of price. With new tablet apps and an easy to understand setup, sr6009 is definitely a good buy.

One thought on “Marantz SR5009 Vs Marantz SR6009

  1. Henry Hoyt

    I have been waiting to upgrade my SR5008. I have auditioned these. Let’s talk about markets served instead.

    I am in the market of someone who wants more than MP3\16 bit audio quality but not inherited-wealth quality audiophilia. 5.1/5.2 is sufficient. 7 channels is about Fx, theatrical spectacle. 5000 series is for the bipolar music/movie buff. The 6000 (and 7000) series are for home theatre, little-to-no musical instrument experienced folks. All post- performance mixing boards and computer synthesis.

    And effects created on a mixing board are very different than live acoustic presentation w/o mixing boards.

    The Marantz delivers better audio quality in 5 channels than 7. That’s true for most of this industry. Especially with Class D amps- regardless of linear or non-linear power supplies. The 7 channel Fx do things to music where spatial imaging (front to back, side to side) simply isn’t stable or it is smeared. Timber and tone being considered not a material differentiator. THD across the passband and dynamic range are, however. (Note- as with any waveguide, power without spectral width characterizes nothing informative.)

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