Marantz SR5010 Vs SR6010

Because music matters. That is what the manufacturer puts as their slogan. And Marantz has proven how serious they are when it comes to music. They have designed products that are aimed for only one thing: to reproduce the most accurate sonic qualities. Music should be replicated in precisely the way the artist intended. For this reason as well, Marantz has put serious efforts within Marantz SR5010 and Marantz SR6010. These A/V receivers are loved by any because of the superb power and quality. Unfortunately, a lot of potential buyers are still wondering why Marantz SR6010 is priced much higher above Marantz SR5010. Therefore, in order to help you determine which model that you should purchase, we have written the following product comparison!

Marantz SR5010 Vs SR6010

Both models share quite some resemblances in design, though Marantz SR6010 is a bit bulkier. Both of them are colored in black, with two control knobs and a mini circular display screen on the front panel. Nonetheless, Marantz SR6010 actually appears more elegant than Marantz SR5010 because it has less clutter on the front panel. There only a handful of buttons, so it looks simple and classy. Marantz SR5010 many buttons there, which are actually nice for easy control, but not so for appearance. Nonetheless, you can control either model more conveniently by using the remote control, anyway.

Both models almost have similar performance if not for Marantz SR6010’s higher amplification. Both models already support 4K content at 60Hz refresh rate, which is very cool for enjoying premium quality movies. Both models are also have been given HDCP 2.2, so they can play premium copyright-protected materials. Well, nevertheless, Marantz SR6010 boasts 110-Watt audio power amp while Marantz SR5010 only has a 100-Watt audio power amp. Thus, Marantz SR6010 can sound more powerful and louder. Both models are armed with Doly Digital and Dolby Atmos technologies, as well as DTS-UHD.

Features and Connectivity
The primary distinction that separates Marantz SR6010 from Marantz SR5010 is the multi-room video support. Both models actually have multi-room audio feature, but only Marantz SR6010 that has a multi-room video feature. Thus, you can have no problem building a music system in your house with either model, but, to create a home theater system for multiple rooms, you will need Marantz SR6010. Both models come with similar ports – except that Marantz SR5010 lacks the phono input and the extra audio-only input that Marantz SR6010 has.

Marantz SR5010 Vs SR6010

NameMarantz SR5010Marantz SR6010
NameMarantz SR5010Marantz SR6010
Features- 7.2ch platform with 7.2ch Preout - 100W(8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.08%) Power Amp - HDMI 2.0 - 8 inputs / 2 outputs - 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through and HDCP2.2 - Analog to HDMI conversion- 7.2ch platform with 13.2ch Preout - 110W(8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.08%) Power Amp, - Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through and HDCP2.2 - Audyssey MultEQ XT32 setup with MIC stand included in the box / Dynamic EQ & Volume. Dolby Atmos and dts UHD
Ratings4.5 out of 5.0 stars3.7 out of 5.0 stars

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There are actually not so many differences between the two models. Both can have excellent performance, though Marantz SR6010’s audio can be more powerful. However, the price gap is quite significant. Therefore, you should choose Marantz SR6010 only if you plan to build a multi-room home theater system. If not, choose Marantz SR5010 for the fullest value for your money.

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