Marantz SR6012 vs SR7012

All of us enjoy entertainment and chances you may also want to build a reliable home theater room as well in the house for an unlimited fun to enjoy while spending the leisure time. One components that we can’t forget when building the setup is and AV receiver like Marantz SR6012 vs SR7012 because they will help you handle various inputs both audio and video but, before you decide to go with one of them, go see which model will suit your application better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is an AV Receiver and Do you need It
– What are Marantz SR6012 and SR7012
– What Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 Look Like
– How are the RMS of Marantz SR6012 and SR7012
– How Many Zone Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 can offer
– What Audio Formats Supported by Marantz SR6012 and SR7012
– Marantz SR6012 Vs SR7012

AV Receiver Box

Most of us loves watching TV and sometimes we can even spend the whole day in front of the screen finishing those season left from our favorite shows; all done in one day. It may sound boring for some but the feeling of being swallowed by a story is indeed hypnotizing and despite the fun side, being a couch potato is still not a good decision to make so be sure to also do some exercise to stay fit for a long time.

Entertainment is a huge subject and the more financially independent one becomes, the more attention they will pay to get the better entertainment. Being free from our daily routine is nice and refreshing so we can get the energy to start again tomorrow and one of the most common entertainment systems people build in their house is a home theater or as more complex multimedia room. Similar to a studio for musicians, there will be lots of tools and devices to compete one.

The most obvious will be input and output so there must be a media player and an output both for audio and visual. To combine all of them, there is a box called AV receiver and while this tool is very similar to an amplifier, they are actually not the same equipment. An amplifier function is to amplify sounds in various ways from an audio source such a CD player before being sent to your ears through speakers; some of them are built-in together.

On the other hand, the AV in AV receiver means Audio Video and so this is why not only audio but the box is capable of handling visual input as well. The necessary of an AV receiver is to take care of various sources so if you have lots to connect together such as radio, CD player, video game consoles, and DVD players, then having one will indeed be beneficial. If you are only watching TV with a CD player and a set of speakers, there is no need to have one.

However, don’t let it make you lose interest on the box because we mostly will change and the longer we have a setup the higher its chance to change over time. Depending on the model, an AV receivers can be very rich in features that some may not familiar at first if you plan to use right after. The guide is try to imagine or set a plan on what you may want to add next because expandability is one of the brightest side of an AV receiver.

 Marantz SR6012Marantz SR7012
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Product Dimensions 15.3 x 17.3 x 6.3 inches
15.8 x 17.3 x 7.3 inches
Shipping Weight33.8 pounds36.9 pounds

About Marantz SR6012 and SR7012

For those who are going to add a lot and plan to build a complicated yet solid set up, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there will be so many of them out there and it may take some time before we end up with the best choice. Many are very expensive but they do provide better expandability and of course quality as well but if you have limited budget, there are various brands worth to check out as well. See also: Marantz SR7011 Vs Denon AVR X6300H.

If you are going for the mid to upper range, one of the best brands to consider is Marantz and we are sure that lots of people are very familiar with this name as well because of their good reputation on making high quality electronic devices, some are even comparable to those coming from multinational companies. While their name does lack recognition, it doesn’t stop them from designing and manufacturing lots of consumer-based products both for novice and people with more experiences.

In the last several years, they also release a few models to answer the demand of 4K TV users and it is with SR6012 and SR7012 which as the name suggests are close brothers and chances will also have similar abilities as well however, in comparison the former was launched earlier and followed by the newer version shortly. They are currently sitting in the middle of Marantz’s full-sized receiver lineup as what you can see on the previous brother, there might be substantial update with the price increase.

Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 are not a cheap receiver because they are currently above $1000 yet still below $2000 and have a wide price gap between them. This is because the latter is sitting just right below the current flagship SR8012 and if you have more budget, this version is a premium pick with larger power supply, has copper plated chassis and even two more on-board amplification channels. As for these two brothers, they are similarly using 11.12 channel processing and custom installation features.

Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 Design

Checking them from the outside, it seems that Marantz want to stay loyal to their initial shape and they are very unique to make you instantly recognize them because all of them will look the same. It is distinct, thick black box with a slightly rounded front area or face and a wide grill surface at the top which is good because an AV receiver is very prone to overheating. What we love the most is that they do keep it clean and elegant by placing only what’s important.

As you can see on the sample picture above, Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 are only featured with a pair of huge knob in which one is for volume and the other is for inputs while the one under it is the power button. If you wonder where the rest of them are placed, they can be found under the center front door and it is good to keep them hidden for we might be rarely using them thanks for the remote and it will keep them safe from dust as well.

What’s different from the design alone is now the SR7012 has blue LED around the porthole display and have 2 line front panel display in which one is under the flap as well as another 12V trigger. As for the remote, now it is improved with backlit buttons and learning capability.

Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 Power

Moving further, these boxes are very similar to each other but are also different and the one most people are talking about is their power output because as a higher model the latter must have a higher RMS power as well and it is true with the latter being rated at 125 watts compared to 110 watts, in real life this much difference may not highly affecting the performance as well so you may want to put it into consideration or not.

Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 Audio Zone

The next difference between Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 is on the amount of zone available because if you are using more than 2 zone then the choice will be surely the latter because only this model will let you do a setup with 3 different zone as the former is topping at 2 zone. It makes the latter a better option for users who are going to build a larger setup with more speakers; for example 7 speakers on zone 1, 2 speakers on zone 2, and 2 other on the last zone.

Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 Audio Format

Another side that set these models apart is the audio codec because as you may already know, both of them support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X which is fairly new in the market as it was introduced in 2015 but the SR7012 is superior because in addition this model is also offering Auro-3D. Depending on your setup, users may not able to independently set the equalizer on their second subwoofer when using two of them through the AVR but it is not an issue if you have added them individually added.

Since both Auro-3D and Dolby have incompatible speaker layouts while DTS:X can work on top of one another, we can’t have a single setup to support all of them yet, worry not because Marantz SR7012 support unified immersive audio speaker layout in which we can specify the front height and rear height speakers.


Both of Marantz SR6012 and SR7012 are a great AV receiver that will help you build a solid home theater system especially for those who are paying lots of attention to audio quality and in most parts they are very similar to each other. The prominent difference between them in our opinion is the addition of zone 3, making the latter a more ideal choice for those with bigger setup and a support for Auro-3D which you may prefer better over Dolby or DTS:X.

Marantz SR6012 vs SR7012

NameMarantz SR6012Marantz SR7012
NameMarantz SR6012Marantz SR7012
Features- Dolby Atmos (up to 714 with an external 2Ch amplifier), and DTS: x > immersive 3D sound with effects from overhead - 9.2 channel network AV Receiver with 11.2 channel processing capability, with built in HEOS wireless multi room audio technology with the free HEOS app, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 8 x HDMI inputs and triple outputs. - Marantz own HDAMs in Current Feedback topology for superior audio quality. - 9.2 channel A/V Receiver with 125W per channel (8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.05%) with 11.2 channel processing - Built-in HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Audio Technology. Free Remote App for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Eco Mode - 3D and 4K Ultra HD/60Hz full rate pass-through with HDR, BT.2020, 4:4:4 Pure Color support; 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) and 3 outputs (Main/Sub/Zone 2) with full HCDP 2.2 support. 4K/60Hz Up-scaling
Ratings4 out of 5 Star4.3 out of 5 Star

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All in all there is no bad options between the two and we can go with any of them depending on your setup but if you will only use 2 zones and don’t plan to expand later, we do see Marantz SR6012 as a wiser choice with affordable price.

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