Marantz SR6014 Vs Marantz SR7013

Home theater is expensive but worth it when you will be spending much of your leisure time enjoying the surround sound and movies or shows that you like. But, we can’t forget about the AV receivers such as Marantz SR6014 Vs Marantz SR7013. These receivers are capable of offering an amazing experience without the hefty price. If you are also considering these 9.2 channel receivers, do check what they can offer before deciding to purchase one so then we can shop wiser.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose for the Best AV Receiver
  • What are Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013
  • What Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 Look Like
  • How are Video Capabilities of Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013
  • How are the Audio Capabilities of Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013
  • What else Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 can offer
  • Marantz SR6014 Vs Marantz SR7013

Shopping for an AV Receiver

As someone’s financial condition is getting better, the more they want to improve their life quality and one of them is thorough entertainment. What people count as entertainment is probably different depending on what interests them, some people may prefer to adventure like hiking and camping out there, reading books, cooking, crafting, or watching their favorite shows and listening to music. It can be anything that you enjoy doing. If you are here then we have the same interest about movies, shows, and music in general.

These are the common and basic entertainment we can enjoy anytime or even everyday as long as you have the free time. But, for those who are more serious and can invest more on their hobby, having a home theater is just convenient. The system is not cheap as you have to purchase various components to make them work and perform properly but, one component we can never skip for home theater is the hub or AV receiver as this will become the center of your system.

 Marantz SR6014Marantz SR7013
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions 15.38 x 17.38 x 6.38 inches15.83 x 17.32 x 7.28 inches
Shipping Weight33.2 pounds31.1 pounds

There are so many factors to consider when getting a new receiver and if you already have one but is quite old or about 5 years now, it is probably better to buy a new one. In our opinion, the key to get the best receiver for your system is by shopping based on what you need, not only now but also in the future, which means future-proofing our choice so we can still add more devices or equipment and components in the few years to come.

The most important aspect is counting the inputs and outputs we use and getting a reasonable amount of them because this is where we will be plugging the sources and outputs. A simple guide is to get at least 4 HDMI inputs for cable box, Blu-ray player, your game console, and another port for your future source. Or, if you plan to enjoy music from an old-fashion player then make sure to also have a phono input in the unit.

Another important aspect to think about is the channel because this is translated into how many speakers you will be using for the system and this can vary among users. Usually 5 is the minimum requirement for a surround sound but nowadays you will want to get more or at least 7 channels so then we can achieve a similar experience to those in cinema theater. For example a 9.2 will have front left and right, a center, 2 wide front speakers, 2 surround, 2 rear, and 2 subwoofers.

About Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013

Everyone’s need is unique and so do you, which is why choosing a receiver can be very subjective but, when it comes to good, reliable products, chances are you can always get one from almost any popular brands out there. You can find so many options that deliver satisfaction but personally we recommend named brands or those that at least you know such as Yamaha or Onkyo, and Pioneer. There are many other names as well with the same quality and product range.

If you are here then the name that attracts your attention now is Marantz and they are also one of the best choices in the market with lots of customers and most of them are also satisfied with how their receivers work. This brand has been operating for quite some time to know what their customers want while also following the trend and technology to always offer the best. We also love the fact that their receivers are well-priced among similar models in the class.

For those who wish to have a 9.2 channel system or plan to use the receiver at this full capacity in near future, two affordable variants you may want to check out are Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013. These two are very much similar, if not the same to each other so it is not surprising to see people wonder which of them will be the better option and as you may already know; the former is actually renewed last year so it is not an old model at all.

In terms of capacity you will be able to use the two at the same type of system whether it is a 9.2, 7.1.2, or 5.1.4 that you want to build in the house. You can play around and still have the same level of experience with either Marantz SR6014 or Marantz SR7013 but, it doesn’t mean there is nothing different between the two because there are yet, we do think these are not going to affect the real world application of these receivers.

Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 Design

All Marantz receivers or probably all typical receivers in the market are the same when it comes to design just like these two. They are the same bulky box we can recall from memory but side by side, somehow the size of Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 are not the same as the latter will be slightly larger at 17.3 inches wide, 15.8 inches deep, and 7.3 inches tall compared to its little brother at 17.3 inches wide, 15.3 inches deep, and 6.3 inches tall.

These are measured without counting their antenna and as you may already know, receivers can get warm when operating so we need to provide space to allow the machine to cool down properly. There is a small round display combined with two main knobs for volume and sources, but the panel below will expose another set of ports, controls, as well as a wider vertical display to view more information. The weights of these receivers are also different at 22 and 31 lbs. respectively. Read also: Yamaha RX A2080 Vs Denon AVR X3600H here.

Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 Video

Moving further, what you may want to know about these receivers are probably the inputs and outputs in the unit and starting with the SR6014, this variant has 4 composite in and 1 out, 2 component in and 1 out, 8 HDMI in and 3 out while the SR7013 has 4 composite in and 2 out, 3 component in and 1 out, 8 HDMI in and 3 out for the video part. Similarly, one of their HDMI is located at the front and comes with full HDCP 2.3 support while one of their HDMI out is supporting eARC function.

eARC is Enhanced Audio Return channel and this port is supporting the transmission of 3D audio from the TV apps through a single HDMI port. As for the video technology they are also the same supporting 4K UHD, has 4:4:4 color resolution, BT.2020, Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR 10.

Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 Audio

Next is the audio part and here Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 are also about the same to each other with the former has 6 analog input, a phono jack, two digital and coaxial, analog multi room, 2 independent subwoofer, and 7.1 multichannel input while the later also has the same exact ports collection. What’s a bit different from the two is probably the amount of power to drive your speaker since the little brother promises 110 W per channel with the SR7013 increased it a little at 125 W.

Overall the type of technology used here are the same for audio point and the two also support the common technology such as IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, and DTS Virtual: X. The SR6014 however was renewed last year and so this model brings a new technology as well called Atmos Height Virtualization which is probably the current rival of DTS: Virtual X. This Atmos technology is said to create a sensation of overhead sound in speakers that are not actually there.

Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 Features

The last part we want to talk about is their additional features and in this part Marantz SR6014 and Marantz SR7013 are exactly the same in terms of convenience. The two are featured with wireless connectivity both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can control these receivers from virtually anywhere. Marantz is also compatible with HEOS, the same with Denon which allows you to build wireless multi-room audio systems and play different music as you please from various different streaming platforms.

Marantz SR6014 Vs Marantz SR7013

These brothers are pretty much the same to each other and chances are you can build the same system with any of these receivers. What makes them difference is only specification wise as the latter is capable of driving your speaker with slightly more power. But, this slight difference will probably doesn’t make any noticeable change on your ears as it is so little and there are also differences on the amount of ports for component in and multi room analog outside the addition of Atmos Height Virtualization in SR6014.

- VERSATILE HDMI eARC CONNECTIVITY – All 8 HDMI inputs support the latest HDCP 2.3 Digital Content Protection, including 1 HDMI input on the front panel for quick connections. Includes 3 HDMI outputs with 1 that offers full eARC support
- EFFORTLESS VOICE CONTROL WITH LEADING VOICE AGENTS – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Smart Home – use your voice to play, pause and stop music, switch inputs, turn the volume up & more
- STREAM UNLIMITED MUSIC OR VIDEOS using popular services like Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer, Tidal, Netflix, Amazon Prime & others via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, or HEOS app across one room, or multiple rooms with built-in WIRELESS HEOS MULTI-ROOM AUDIO TECHNOLOGY
- EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND and USER-FRIENDLY SETUP ASSISTANT comes with an ADVANCED GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE that guides you through the step-by-step process and connects all your audio sources to this stereo receiver
- MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR ULTRA HD TV INVESTMENT Drive EXCEPTIONAL VISUAL CLARITY with full-rate pass-through SD/HD video upscaling to Ultra HD 4 4 4 Pure Color HDR10 BT 2020 3D 21 9 video Dolby Vision HLG & eARC - transmit 3D audio in one HDMI
- CREATE THE ULTIMATE CINEMATIC AUDIO EXPERIENCE with 125W per channel CHOOSE FROM a standard 9 2 or 7 1 2 home theater system a 5 1 4 3D system with Dolby Atmos elevation speakers or extend to 3 rooms with 5 1 (zone 1) 2 1 (zone 2 & zone 3)
CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE VOICE CONTROL AGENT - Alexa Google Assistant Apple Siri or Josh ai Smart Home - to play pause and stop music switch inputs & more while you STREAM UNLIMITED MUSIC OR VIDEOS via Bluetooth AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app
- Marantz receivers SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATE WITH SMART HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS like Josh ai or Control4 and allow REMOTE MONITORING OF CONNECTED DEVICES while you are vacationing or are on the move


Overall you can go well with just any of them because they are equally amazing but, between the two we will choose the SR6014 that offers the same possibilities but is $100 cheaper while still sounding amazing.

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