Marantz SR6014 Vs SRS6013

Marantz is one of the most popular receiver brands in the market with their collection of good and reliable models. They have been releasing lots of variants to improve the older machines but it also made some confusion such as between Marantz SR6014 Vs SRS6013. These two are indeed close brothers hence the same capabilities but, they may carry some differences as well and before making a decision, let’s see what it is below so we can shop faster and wiser.

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  • What are the Upgrades in Marantz SR6014 and SR6013
  • What else Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 can offer
  • Marantz SR6014 Vs SR6013

Home Theater

Going to the movie theater to watch the newly released movies provides the best experience of both mesmerizing image and sound but, if you want to enjoy this experience every day at home, we can just build a home theater system. This is a huge investment for your entertainment purpose but having them conveniently there is great if you fancy the idea as well. They are also not only expensive but can be complicated yet, we can always start somewhere to realize the goal.

  1. When talking about home theater, what comes into people’s mind is the monitor or screen itself because this is where you will view the content. If you don’t have a fairly large TV yet, it is good to upgrade, the same if yours is not a 4K HDR yet since everything is about the UHD resolution today. For a recommendation you may want to get the smart TV because in general they are easier to connect with everything whether it is for video or audio.
  2. When thinking about home theater, we also think about the room where the components are placed. Larger speakers are made for larger rooms and vice versa so when shopping for the speakers be it the size, watts, or amount, consider the room size as well. Usually the big speakers have better quality but you can always find some to fit the room size, pocket, and preference. In addition they can be either discrete inside the wall or obvious depending on your styling.
  3. Another component that we can never skip for a home theater setup is your receiver. A typical AV receiver today is very capable and is the hub of the system that can connect almost anything you want including those in different rooms. Many of them support streaming from various apps such as Spotify or TIDAL and this can benefit you who are having wireless speakers in the house as we can control them from the main system as well.
  4. It is true that shopping for a home theater system is expensive and can be confusing. If you think it is too time consuming to craft the component one by one, there is a complete setup sold as a set which means they pack everything you need so we don’t have to. But, since home theater is subject to your preference, we also think picking one by one is the best way to build one.
 Marantz SR6014 Marantz SRS6013
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Product Dimensions 15.38 x 17.38 x 6.38 inches15.28 x 17.32 x 6.34 inches
Shipping Weight33.2 pounds12.8 pounds

About Marantz SR6014 and SR6013

The choice is all up to you on which you see fits better for the house and personal taste but, if you are here we assume that you also prefer to build them from scratch and collect the component carefully one by one. As it has been mentioned above, besides the output such as TV and speakers, the hub is important as well since this equipment connects everything in the system thus, we have to match the receiver with whatever you will be using.

Shopping for a new receiver can be confusing as well since you can find them abundantly out there and all of them are offering the same main function but each one of them may have a huge or small difference depending on the model. To simplify your shopping process, it is faster to choose based on the brands as they will have many to offer such as Marantz and chances are they will have at least one that fits your room too.

Marantz is a very popular name in the market with various to offer and in a wide range of prices as well to meet what you need for the system. For those who are planning to use 9.2, 7.1.2, or 5.1.4 systems and need to keep the budget fairly low, the Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 are two ideal choices you may want to consider. Both of them are close brothers, as the name suggests so the main capabilities will be the same as well but, there are also some differences.

These receivers are 9.2 system and are coming with the standard of today’s technology so we will get almost everything from them and with each one of them packed 9 channel amplification, we can suit them with various set up in the room or, if you can invest more, we can also expand them for 11.2 system. Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 are different on the enhanced part as the SR6014 is more expensive so it also has a slight upper over its little brother.

Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 Design

If you have an older Marantz receiver, chances are these two will look just like them or mostly any other models in the same range such as the more expensive SR7013 that you can check in our Marantz SR6014 Vs Marantz SR7013 here. Side by side they are identical so it is difficult to say which one is which as they also have the same dimensions measuring at 17.3 inches wide, 15.3 inches deep, and 6.3 inches tall, covered in perforated case to help cooling down the component.

These are their measurements without the antenna and we need to provide wider space to allow the device to cool down as well. The faceplate of these receivers are kept as simple as possible with only two main knobs each of them for selecting the source and the other to control the volume, in addition to the power button for easy access. Below the round display there is a long panel that can be opened and here is housing a set of ports including one of the HDMI ports and analog output for devices such as camcorders and game consoles.

Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 Connectors

Because the function of an AV receiver is to be a hub of your system, you will need to know how many and what type of connectors they have. In this part both Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 are the same so you will get both the same amount and type of connectors on the device. For the video purpose they are featured with 4 composite input and 2 output, 2 component input and 1 output, 8 HDMI input and HDMI for multi room video out.

As for the audio, they have 6 analog input, a phono input, two optical and coaxial digital input, analog multi room output, 11.2 multi channel preamp out, 2 subwoofer out, and the same 7.1 multichannel input. The rest are also the same and these receivers can connect a total of 11 speakers for expandability.

Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 Upgrades

Moving further, let’s talk about what the new SR6014 brings to the device in terms of upgrades because this receiver is supposed to be the better choice over the older machine and one of the new additions is Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization. This is actually pretty new technology that mimics ceiling speakers and the name Virtualization means that the system uses digital processing to create a sensation of an overhead sound which means we can get the similar experience without having the setup.

Another upgrade is on their HDCP which makes SR6014 carry the newest HDCP 2.3 that was released in 2018 but, this one doesn’t really offer anything in real-life application. HDCP compatible across versions so we don’t have to worry about our device is not compatible and both latest variants are equally capable of UHD as well.

Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional features or the HEOS system which is built in both Marantz SR6014 and SR6013 and other Denon receivers. This technology is a multi-room function that allows other devices that uses the same technology to work together so now we can control various speakers in different rooms through your smart device. We can also stream from streaming services like Tidal and Spotify or from your local music libraries in one room only or in different rooms.

In addition, you can take calibration with ease because the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 is here to help you build a seamless setup for the listening environment. There is a supplied microphone in the device that will analyze each speaker’s output including your subwoofer and generating the precision for each channel.

Marantz SR6014 Vs SRS6013

These close brothers are very much the same to each other in terms of capabilities and the amount of speakers we can connect to them as they carry the same inputs and outputs. What’s different is the enhancement only as now the SR6014 comes with HDCP 2.3 and Height Virtualization to mimic the sound of overhead speakers. They are also the same for the power output or at 185 W at 6 ohm, 1kHz, 1% 1ch drive.

- VERSATILE HDMI eARC CONNECTIVITY – All 8 HDMI inputs support the latest HDCP 2.3 Digital Content Protection, including 1 HDMI input on the front panel for quick connections. Includes 3 HDMI outputs with 1 that offers full eARC support
- EFFORTLESS VOICE CONTROL WITH LEADING VOICE AGENTS – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Smart Home – use your voice to play, pause and stop music, switch inputs, turn the volume up & more
- STREAM UNLIMITED MUSIC OR VIDEOS using popular services like Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer, Tidal, Netflix, Amazon Prime & others via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, or HEOS app across one room, or multiple rooms with built-in WIRELESS HEOS MULTI-ROOM AUDIO TECHNOLOGY
- EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND and USER-FRIENDLY SETUP ASSISTANT comes with an ADVANCED GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE that guides you through the step-by-step process and connects all your audio sources to this stereo receiver
- COMPLEMENT PREMIUM VIDEO WITH THE ULTIMATE CINEMATIC AUDIO EXPERIENCE with 110W per channel high performance power and the latest object based audio formats IMAX Enhanced, DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X giving you the greatest flexibility in your home theater setup; CHOOSE FROM standard 9.2 or 7.1.2 home theater system in the living room, a 5.1.4 3D system with elevation speakers, or extend to 2 rooms with 5.1, 7.1 or 2.1 arrangement for a virtually heightened realism effect
- CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE VOICE CONTROL AGENT Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Smart Home to effortlessly play, pause and stop music, switch inputs & more while you STREAM UNLIMITED MUSIC OR VIDEOS using popular services like Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, or HEOS app across 1 room, or multiple rooms with built in WIRELESS HEOS MULTI ROOM AUDIO TECHNOLOGY
- Our EASY TO UNDERSTAND and USER FRIENDLY SETUP ASSISTANT comes with an ADVANCED GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE that guides you through the step by step process and connects all your audio sources to the receiver the main hub of your home theater; Moreover, Marantz receivers SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATE WITH SMART HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS like or Control 4, and allow REMOTE MONITORING OF CONNECTED DEVICES, while you are vacationing or are on the move
- 60 YEARS OF INNOVATION and MARANTZ' RICH HISTORY of designing audio components for its premium range of home entertainment systems has been wonderfully embraced by music lovers and home cinema enthusiasts worldwide; Continuing its tradition of DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL STEREO LISTENING, Marantz hand picks and custom designs its high grade components and their EXCLUSIVE HDAM technology makes all the difference in the world of audio, giving you the best home theater experience ever imagined


All in all there is no bad option between the two as they are equally capable and compatible with the common system today but, currently the SR6014 is discounted to less than $1000 so we recommend to get this version and save more.

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