Marantz SR7011 Vs 7012

Marantz SR7011 and Marantz SR7012 are both 9.2-channel AV receivers from the same company. At first, the two models look identical. They come with mostly similar specifications and features. However, there are some important differences – after all, Marantz SR7012 is sold at a higher price point. Find out the differences between Marantz SR7011 vs 7012 below!

By reading the article below, you will find out more information about:
– The additional features only available on Marantz SR7012,
– The supported audio formats of both models,
– The comparison of their sound quality, and
– Which AV receiver that is more recommended for the money.

In terms of design, Marantz SR7011 vs 7012 AV receivers are very similar. They each feature a front panel that can be hidden away by a cover. On the center of the front side, between the input selector knob and the volume knob, there is a small circular display that has a blue halo light around it. This design looks stylish and elegant. See also: Marantz SR7010 vs SR7011.

Commonly used connection ports like the USB port and HDMI port are placed on the front. The rest of the connectors are on the rear panel. The housing feels tough and durable. The buttons, knobs, and connectors also seem to be sturdy. One minor difference is that Marantz SR7011 is a little lighter than Marantz SR7012, while the other dimensions are similar.

Remote Control
Each of the two models comes with a remote control. However, their remotes are very different. The older model, Marantz SR7011, comes with a standard remote control which has a small LCD screen on the top. This screen is to show status information and to help you see the buttons that you’ve pressed.

Marantz SR7012 comes with a new remote that does not have any LCD screen. The disappearance of the LCD screen may be a minor inconvenience, but the new features are arguably better. The new remote is a universal programmable remote. It can be programmed to work with other devices, such as the TV or speaker. So, you can control multiple devices with just a single remote. Now, that’s what you call as convenience.

Still, you can also control both Marantz SR7011 and Marantz SR7012 using the mobile app. Simply install the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. This way, you can easily stream multimedia content from your home network or the Internet to the AV receiver.

There are several improvements from Marantz SR7011 to Marantz SR7012 in terms of connectivity. The improvements are not very noticeable at first, but they will come up handy in usage. First of all, Marantz SR7011 has a USB port that does not support iPod and iPhone devices for direct music playback. Hence, iPod and iPhone users find it inconvenient, having to use the mobile app all the time in order to stream music.

Marantz SR7012 has addressed this issue in an elegant way. The new model comes with a front-panel USB type-A port which supports iPod, iPhone, and iPad for direct music playback. Of course, it is still compatible with USB flash drive sticks and other mobile platforms. So, you can just use the USB cable that came with your mobile device to stream music.

The other connection ports are similar. Each of them has 9.2 channels with 125 Watts rated power per channel. Each has 7 rear HDMI inputs, 1 front HDMI input, and 3 HDMI outs. Each supports up to three multi-room zones with two analog multi-room audio outs. Both models support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Also, both models support HEOS for wireless multi-room systems.

Supported Audio Formats
Marantz SR7011 already comes with a built-in support for HDR10 pass-through. But this model needs a firmware update for Dolby Vision and HLG pass-through. For your information, Dolby Vision is an imaging technology that enhances the colors, contrast, and brightness to create vivid lifelike images. HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) is similar to Dolby Vision, except that it was developed by BBC and NHK. These two imaging formats will be popular for future HDR broadcasts.

Marantz SR7012 can save your time. Marantz says that this model already comes with built-in support for HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG pass-through. So, it does not need any firmware update to let you enjoy those imaging formats.

The next difference between Marantz SR7011 vs 7012 is their supported audio formats. This difference is quite significant. Marantz SR7011 does not support the Auro 3D decoding; this feature is only available for this model through a paid upgrade. So, you will have to spend more money if you really want to enjoy this audio format – who doesn’t?

Auro 3D is an immersive 3D audio format that was developed by a Belgium based company, Auro Technologies. This technology is designed with three sound layers: surround, height, overhead ceiling. The additional layers reveal localized sounds as well as height reflections that complement the sounds existing in the lower surround layer. As the effect, a full three-dimensional sound spread with a truly natural acoustic space can be produced. In shorts, this technology will immerse you in a very realistic sound environment.

What’s the benefit of Marantz SR7012? Well, it comes with built-in support for Auro 3D. You can get this feature without having to spend additional money. So, it can save you the time and effort to enjoy the best sound performance.

Sound Quality
Both models here have excellent sound quality. They are also powerful enough to drive various speakers and fill large rooms. However, Marantz SR7012 is better when decoding ALAC because it supports resolutions up to 192-kHz/24bit. You will enjoy clearer and more detailed music. On the other hand, Marantz SR7011 is limited to 96-kHz/24bit when decoding ALAC.

Nevertheless, both models support up to 192-kHz/24bit when decoding WAV and FLAC. Both models also support DSD streaming of 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz.

Marantz SR7011 Vs 7012

NameMarantz SR7011Marantz 7012
NameMarantz SR7011Marantz 7012
Features- 9.2 channel A/V Receiver with 125W per channel (8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.05%) with 11.2 channel processing - Built-in HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Audio Technology. Free Remote App for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Eco Mode- HEOS wireless music streaming technology with HEOS app > comfortable control options and almost unlimited music sources
Ratings4.0 out of 5.0 stars3.5 out of 5.0 stars

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Between Marantz SR7011 vs 7012, we recommend you to choose Marantz SR7012. This model comes with significant improvements, such as the universal remote, iPod/iPhone USB playback, and built-in support for new formats. It also has better sound quality on ALAC audio format.

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