Nexus Player Vs Amazon Fire TV

There are too many media streaming players out on the market right now. Among the crowd, Amazon and Google’s offering stands out. Both the Nexus Player and the Fire TV are serious contenders in the streaming market with their whole slew of features and capabilities. Both also have the same price, so it’s no wonder that these two keep being compared to each other. So the question is, which is better of the two? Let’s take a look at these two devices to find out.

Nexus Player Vs Amazon Fire TV

Nexus player is Google’s latest attempt at trying to get into the TV streaming market. It has a quad core Intel Atom running at 1.8Ghz which makes it a little bit faster than Fire TV. On the other hand, it only has 1gb of RAM. It has the usual standard apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Youtube, etc. Amazon Fire TV has a quad-core Krait 300 running at 1.7Ghz. At 2gb, it has double the RAM of Nexus player which is a massive plus. Unlike Nexus, Fire TV comes with an Ethernet port and a standard USB port which is great if you want to attach an external hard drive or reduce network lag by using a wired connection. It also comes with an innovative remote with voice control. Fire TV also has native support for Amazon Instant Video. On gaming, both devices has a dedicated game controller and has the potential to play thousands of Android games on the market. See also : Amazon Fire TV Vs Roku 3.

Nexus Player Vs Amazon Fire TV

NameNexus PlayerAmazon Fire TV
NameNexus PlayerAmazon Fire TV
Features- Remote with voice control - Google Cast Ready - Android Game on big screen - Sync across Android phone, tablet and TV - Effortless entertainment- Massive selection - Free 30-day Prime trial - Voice search that actually works - Tiny box, huge specs Instant streaming - Connect your small screen to your big screen - Perfect for parent - Great for gaming
Ratings3.5 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars

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So which one is the winner? The answer is Amazon’s Fire TV. Not only does it have 2gb of ram, it also has an Ethernet and a USB port, which makes it more flexible than Google Nexus Player. Nexus Player does have a better app store but that alone is not enough to sell the device. Moreover, Fire TV can stream from both Netflix and Amazon. Nexus on the other hand will never have Amazon streaming support. XBMC also runs better on the Fire TV, Nexus Player have problems running XBMC. As you can see, there really is no reason not to pick Fire TV.

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