Optoma HD141X Vs Benq W1070

Projectors are electronic devices that are used to form rays of light from motion pictures or still images onto a surface preferably a bigger screen than the normal HD screens.

Optoma HD141X Vs Benq W1070

A projector may receive video signals from external devices such as a DVD player or a laptop computer. The pictures produced in the video signal from the computer or DVD are displayed inside the projector first and then projected onto a large screen or a smoothly plastered and painted wall, with white being the preferred color. We have many types of projectors, most of which are Liquid Crystal Display and Digital Light Protection projectors and they come with different image resolutions. See also : Optoma HD141X Vs Benq HT1075.

In this article we shall compare the Optoma HD 141 X and BenQ W1070 projectors:

1. In terms of picture quality, Optoma HD 141 X provides an amazing contrast ratio of 20000:1 whereas BenQ W1070’s contrast ratio is 10000:1.

2. Optoma HD 141 X has 3000 lumens that enable it to maintain an above average brightness and has a bulb that is durable for almost 6500 hours while the BenQ has 2000 lumens and an average bulb life of 3500 hours.

3. Optoma uses digital light processing technology whereas BenQ uses Liquid Crystal Display technology to display images of different colors and contrasts.

4.Optoma HD 141 X, apart from having two HDMI ports also allow for compatibility with smartphones and tablets where you can view images and watch live motion pictures and project them on a screen. BenQ W1070 also has two HDMI ports but is compatible with video sources of Viewsonic and Epson.

5. Optoma offers a 3D support through a VESA 3D Sync port that gives you the privilege to connect to video game consoles such as Playstation. On the other hand, BenQ supports 3D broadcasts where they may be available but it also supports 3D applications like NVIDIA 3DTV.

6. Optoma and BenQ are similar in size and weight each weighing nearly 3 kilograms. They both have 10-watt audio speakers and are portable which makes it easy for them to be carried around. The difference is that BenQ has a standby mode known as the Eco Blank which makes the screen to turn black if no object is seen after three minutes, a quality that Optoma lacks.

7. With a price of $500++ you can get a high standard Optoma HD 141 X Home Theater Projector. Excellent qualities like high resolution and 3D compatibility makes this projector ideal for most customers. BenQ W1070 projector comes at a price of $600++. This projector produces quality pictures of brighter colors and high contrast images.

Optoma HD141X Vs Benq W1070

NameOptoma HD141XBenq W1070
NameOptoma HD141XBenq W1070
Features- Full HD 1080p resolution, perfect for watching movies, HDTV, Sports and Gaming - All digital connectivity, 2x HDMI ports easy connectivity with all your video sources - MHL compatibility, watch movies or play games from you mobile devices - Full 3D compatibility; immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video games - Built-in powerful 10-Watt audio- Built-in speakers are Plug-and-Play ready - 2 HDMI inputs for video and gaming sources - The SmartEco Mode, which cleverly adjusts the lamp power to maximize power saving - The automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is turned on for over three minutes without a display source - ISF Certified for customization to any room - Warranty : 180days or 500 hours
Ratings4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars

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From the comparisons and differences we can conclude that projectors are ideal for entertainment. You can enjoy your favorite episodes on a huge screen at home. Also in big halls rented for viewing live football matches via Dstv the projector is the best equipment you can use to illuminate a huge wall so that pictures are visible to everyone. You can make little profits of your own by renting out to cinema halls. Despite a wide range in prices, you can opt for the simple standard ones that also offer good picture production and save yourself huge amounts of money by cutting down on your expenditure.

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