Optoma HD25-LV Vs BenQ W1070

So many people love sitting down after a hard day’s work to grab some rest as they entertain themselves in their homes. The form of entertainment may vary from person to person. For the lovers of big screen entertainment, a home entertainment projector is a vital piece of tool for you. Optoma and BenQ are one of the key players in the home entertainment projector industry, with wide range of models under their names. However we are going to have a specific showdown today, Optoma HD25-LV Vs BenQ w1070; which is the best buy?

Optoma HD25-LV Vs BenQ W1070

With a fairly huge price tag on these mean machines, there is a lot packed within them. Both projectors are full HD 1080p projectors, capable of 3D output. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, getting a large projection out of these projectors is not a hustle though Optoma HD25-LV takes a bigger portion of the cake with a whooping 300 inch maximum screen size as compared to BenQ w1070’s 200 inch maximum screen size. Both projectors come with two 1.4a HDMI port that supports 2D and 3D input, directly from a blue-ray player as well as 1080p input via the same port. The back panel is still loaded with other ports such as 2 VGA ports and composite ports. None of these fancy projectors fail the image quality test, even in 3D mode. However, the 3D glasses sadly do not come in stock with the projectors thus have to be bought separately. See also : BenQ MH680 Vs W1070.

These two projectors, despite the common features they share, have some extras that make the difference between them. Optoma HD25-LV not only boasts of a bigger screen size but also higher illumination. It has a whooping 3500 lumen screen compared to BenQ W1070’s 2000 lumen screen. This makes Optoa HD25-LV more efficient to use in a well-lit room as compared to BenQ w1070. Optoma HD25-LV has a 16 watt speaker contrasted to the 10 watt speaker carried within the BenQ W1070. BenQ W1070 sadly also has more pronounced rainbow artifact issues than optoma HD25-LV, giving it lower stats though its lower price tag is a plus on its side.

Optoma HD25-LV Vs BenQ W1070

NameOptoma HD25-LVBenQ W1070
NameOptoma HD25-LVBenQ W1070
Features- Deliver powerful high-resolution home theater experience - Native 1080p resolution for the sharpest, most visually stunning image quality - Full 3D compatibility; immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video game - Comprehensive connectivity to satisfy your current and future needs - SRS WOW HD Surround Sound technology built-in for rich deep bass and exceptional sound quality- Built-in speakers are Plug-and-Play ready - 2 HDMI inputs for video and gaming sources - The SmartEco Mode, which cleverly adjusts the lamp power to maximize power saving by delivering the best contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as needed. - The automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode - ISF Certified - Warranty : 180days or 500 hours
Ratings4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars

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Comparing this two projectors, I would advice one to go for the Optoma HD25-LV which though is slightly more expensive than the BenQ W1070, comes with more packed within it and fewer glitches. Well, there we have it, Optoma HD25-LV VS BenQ W1070 showdown finally ends with Optoma HD25-LV winning the contest.

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