Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review: One of the Best in the Class

Like its name, Pioneer SP-PK52FS can become one of the pioneers of truly sounding 5.1 speakers. The price is surprisingly affordable for its audio level. Pioneer SP-PK52FS has a tremendous number of outputs. It is a very commendable product for home theater demands. The Pioneer SP-PK52FS has a high standard which makes it becomes the premium-level A/V electronics. It offers ambitious features with pretty low fares. Basically, all of its parts has high-performance gears that will support the Pioneer SP-PK52FS to deliver a great home theatre-like sound. Nevertheless, the shiny prospect of Pioneer SP-PK52FS is coming not far from a great man. This man is Andrew Jones, and just to be sure, the product that he invented is remarkable. He is the guy who always thinks about the customer trust in the first place. He makes sure that all the customers have the budget to buying a classy and great audio. To know SP-PK52FS deeper, let’s analyze it from many perspectives.

Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review One of the Best in the Class

Features and Parts
Pioneer SP-PK52FS is divided into six parts. Every part offers you a diversity of functions. SP-PK52FS main body part is the SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker. This speaker features 4” structured surface woofer, 1” high-efficiency soft dome tweeter, one rear port, and 6-element complex crossover. Followed by two Floor-Standing Speaker that work as a pair output. Each features three 5.25” structured surface woofers which are standard for most audio speakers. Another essential part is the pair of Bookshelf Speakers which have the same exact features like the SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker. The features are related closely because the function is literally similar one to the other. What differs the most is the shape. The last but the most important and functional part is the Powered Subwoofer. For a complete set of SP-PK52FS, you get one Powered Subwoofer; it features an 8-inch long-throw down-firing woofer powered by a 100-watt amplifier. The shape opens up a vented enclosure, which allows for extended and well-rounded bass, which supports the 38Hz-150Hz frequency range. All the parts have a grip which secures the connection wires. It is wrapped with plastic spring-clip connectors.


- SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair): Features three 5.25" structured surface woofers, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, & 8-component high-quality crossovers - SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair): Full-size tower speakers, measuring 35.2 inches tall; the woofer's bass output is augmented with two ports on the back of the speaker cabinet

Pioneer SP-PK52FS has lived up to its expectation as one of the vast inventions for home theater. The performance has no complaints at all. And the price brings the smile back into our face. The Pioneer SP-PK52FS can be considered as an elite in its generation and class. It offers us a bright, loud, and fantastic sound output along with its great machine mechanism. All is good for this product, until recently, its users are complaining about the speaker’s performance. Sometimes the sound is like a mixed bag, often high one bells and whistles but low in some section. The quality of the speakers is always in the headline. But that problem is solved as the commissioned TAD’s chief sound engineer Andrew Jones has substituted it with new speakers produced by Pioneer with the same price but better output.

With all the quality it gives, no one can deny the temptation of buying this product out. With a budget of about five hundred dollars, you can transfer a real theater situation into your house. While the budgeting is low, but the quality is well-polished. So you won’t be having any regret after buying this one.

Specifications of Pioneer SP-PK52FS
Type : Speaker system
Design Features : Andrew Jones designed
Speaker System Configuration : 5.1-channel
Manufacturer : Pioneer
System Components : 1 x Subwoofer, 1 x Center channel speaker
Amplification Type : Active subwoofer, passive satellites
Frequency Response : 38 – 20000 Hz
Crossover Frequency : 250Hz, 3000Hz, 38 – 150Hz
Output Features : Bass Reflex
Connectivity Technology : wired
Controls : subwoofer cut frequency, subwoofer phase
Model : SP-PK52FS

Price of Pioneer SP-PK52FS
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