Vizio Co-star Vs Sony NSZ-GS7

Google has taken over our desktops with Google search being the search engine of choice for a sizable chunk of the population. Their foray into the cellphone market, the Android OS, is now on nearly 87% of the world’s smartphone. Now, they are ready to bring their expertise into the living room and take your mundane TV viewing experience to the next level.

Vizio Co-star Vs Sony NSZ-GS7

Today, we check out the two best Goggle TVs in the market, the Vizio Co Star and the Sony NSZ-FS7.We will divide this review into several parts and award a point to the winner of each part. At the end the one with the highest number of points is the winner. First up is the price. At nearly 70$ cheaper than the Sony, the 100$ Vizio takes the first point. Second up is overall looks and build quality. Shaped like a hockey puck the Vizio is more asthetically pleasing and looks way more fitting in the living room than the rectangular Sony. Next we have the number of ports, and with one extra USB port the Snoypulls ahead though both come loaded with HDMI, USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Initial setup on both is a bit clunky though Sony with it’s Easy Setup mode takes another point back. They end the initial impression round tied at 2-2.One of the most important parts of a TV is it’s remote. We tested out the two remotes and graded them on their functions and their ease of use. The Vizio has more buttons and a clunkier look but the dedicated buttons to Internet Streaming Services such as Netflix, and HBO Go were well appreciated.

The Sony also became unresponsive at times when held at an angle as the sensor switched off the lower part of the remote. So Vizio takes the lead with a more functional remote. But that extra functionality comes at the price of usability as the Sony manages to fit in bigger and more tactile buttons and a larger track-pad. Also the volume rockers on the top right and the channel rockers were a nice added touch. Finally the software. Though both run Google TV, they each have their own overlay on top and searching for apps on the Sony felt a bit more intuitive than on the Vizio. Video playback is the last point of comparison, and here both perform admirably well.

Vizio Co-star Vs Sony NSZ-GS7

NameVizio Co-starSony NSZ-GS7
NameVizio Co-starSony NSZ-GS7
Features- Stream blockbuster movies and hit shows through Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, M-GO and more. - Access to the Best Entertainment - The Power of Google TV Search - Touch, Point, and Tap with Ease - Fast Connections Without Wires- Search live TV, internet & apps with voice search6 - A full-browsing experience on your TV with Google Chrome - Access thousands of Android apps at Google Play Store2
Ratings3.1 out of 5.0 stars3.3 out of 5.0 stars

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Both have no problems playing Full HD 1080p content so they share the honours on this one. The Sony however gets extra brownie points for having a separate audio output for support to legacy devices and it ends this segment with 3 points to Vizio’s 2.So there you have it, a close fought competition with the Sony NSZ-FS7 edging out the Virio Co Star by one point and winning this faceoff 5-4. Both of them are extremely capable internet streaming devices, and no matter which one you choose, you’ll be part of the future of television content with a Google TV in your living room.

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