JBL ES80 Review: Affordable Floorstanding Speaker with Excellent Bass

So, you are now looking for a floor-standing speaker model to complete your home theater system setup? What kind of speaker do you want? There are many floor-standing speaker models on the market on different price ranges, from the most affordable to the most expensive. Each has distinctive tonal characteristics and properties. Some are warm and sweet. Some are bright and crisp. Some are strong and boomy. Before you go straight into the market, it would be a wise idea to note down the factors that you want to consider in choosing the right speaker, such as the price range, overall size, and features.

JBL ES80 Review Affordable Floorstanding Speaker with Excellent Bass

So, if what you are looking for is a speaker with strong and solid bass performance, then you should take a look at JBL ES80. It is a floor-standing speaker model that is most popular for its exceptional bass performance. Of course, that is all because of the sophisticated design and construction. In addition to the bass, JBL ES80 also has decent output power that should be suitable for small to medium rooms. There also other additional features that enhance this speaker’s quality.

Measuring by just 1084 mm x 223 mm x 330 mm, JBL ES80 is actually quite slim and compact. It is pretty tall, however, just like what you can expect from a floor-standing speaker. Nevertheless, it does not need a lot of surface area, so it can be a great solution if limited space is an issue. In addition, the speaker is also magnetically shielded. This allows for placement nearby video monitors or other electronics without the risk of distortion and interference. This feature is very useful for use in a small room.


- Utilize UHF drivers capable of 40kHz for excellent highs. - A JBL computer-optimized bass-reflex port provides deeper bass and less turbulence. - These speakers are designed to look good anywhere with a style that equals their substance. - The JBL ES Series uses cellulose-fiber cones reinforced with a ploymer coating for uniform pistonic motion

JBL ES80 has been designed with a computer-optimized bass-reflex port which extends the deep bass response, at the same time eliminating unwanted turbulence often occurring on powerful speakers. The manufacturer has also implemented the proprietary Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguides for precise and accurate audio imaging with balanced music, articulate dialogue, and smooth audio distribution. The Straight-Line Signal Path technology ensures optimum clarity, details, and dynamics in your every favorite audio content.

JBL ES80 is a highly efficient speaker. With 100 Watts RMS power and 400 Watts peak power, JBL ES80 boasts a sensitivity level of 90 dB. This means that the speaker is very efficient in transforming power into sound. The speaker is also able to deliver subtle audio details effortlessly. Having a four-way speaker configuration, JBL ES80 offers exceptional audio staging and imaging. The frequency response range is 45 Hz – 45 kHz. Even though it seemingly does not go very deep, you will be surprised by its bass quality. The bass is strong, full, and solid, also with excellent clarity that does not muddle the mids and highs. JBL ES80 is armed with dual 6” PolyPlas LF transducers, one 4” PolyPlas midrange driver, and two ¾” titanium-laminated dome HF and UHF tweeters, with crossover frequencies of 700Hz and 3.6kHz at 24 dB/octave and 12kHz at 18 dB/octave.

Specifications of JBL ES80
Four-way speaker configuration
Straight-Line Signal Path (SSP)
Proprietary Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguides
Computer-optimized, bass-reflex port
Magnetically shielded
Bi-wiring capabilities
Frequency response range (–3dB) 45Hz – 40kHz
Maximum recommended amplifier power 200W
Power handling (continuous/peak) 100W/400W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90dB
Crossover frequencies 700Hz; 3.6kHz – 24dB/octave; 12kHz – 18dB/octave
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
LF transducer Dual (6″) PolyPlas™, shielded
Midrange transducer (4″) PolyPlas, shielded
HF transducer (3/4″) laminated titanium dome, shielded; EOS waveguide
UHF transducer (3/4″) polyester film w/ ring radiator, shielded; EOS waveguide
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1084mm x 223mm x 330mm
Weight per speaker 21kg

Pros of JBL ES80
– Four-way speaker configuration for excellent audio staging and imaging
– Decent output power for small to medium-size rooms
– Outstanding bass performance that is better than expectation
– Sophisticated design and durable construction
– Compact and magnetically shielded for easy placement

Price ofJBL ES80
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